A statement from the Undergraduate Student Government


Dear Huskies:  

The Undergraduate Student Government stands with the Black Community, and the Black Students who were targeted yesterday.   

We are disgusted, disturbed, and disappointed to see the Spirit Rock vandalized.  

We are heartened to see that it only took a few hours for undergraduates Omar Gebril and Colt Nichols to repaint the Rock, and the Student Body to reaffirm that Black Lives Matter.  

We are dismayed to see the lack of a transparent plan from the administration for not only dealing with but also  moving forward from this act of hate. This week USG will be engaging with and calling on Chief Diversity Officer  Frank Tuitt, Provost Carl Lejuez, and Dean of Students Eleanor Daugherty, to develop and share a plan to investigate  this event and discipline the individuals responsible to the fullest extent.  

Our responsibility to the UConn Community, outlined in the Student Bill of Rights, does not end there. We realize we  must do more than continue to call on administrators. Over the next two weeks, each of our Committees will be  identifying areas where USG can directly enact some of the changes that will make UConn a place where BIPOC  students feel valued. We will outline the changes that we intend to make by the end of the week.  

The fight against systemic racism is a continuous struggle. We, the Undergraduate Student Government, acknowledge  that this event is just one of many racist events on campus. We continue to stand with BIPOC students, and we  pledge to do everything we can to amplify their voices. Students seeking additional resources are encouraged to reach  out to the SHaW Mental Health Services, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Community Standards, and the Dean of Students Office.  

Students can report a bias incident here.

Be Safe. Be Well, 

Undergraduate Student Government University of Connecticut  

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