Chloe X Halle keep it real in a conversation with SUBOG


The University of Connecticut Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) hosted a virtual conversation with R&B duo Chloe X Halle last night in which the singers talked about the creative process behind their newest album and shared sisterly advice with the audience.  

The sisters started off by talking about how their career went from singing in talent shows to being signed by Beyonce’s record label to singing on the Grammy stage. 

Chloe said that their turning point was when they uploaded a cover of Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had.” 

“We sang our hearts out,” she said. “It ended up on Worldstar, it went viral and we were like ‘Maybe we should keep doing this’ and then Beyonce saw us and then the rest is history.” 

They shed some light on navigating the music industry as young Black women and talked about how it has been inspiring to work with fellow Black women like Doja Cat and City Girls on the remix of their song “Do It.” 

“It has been so exhilarating and inspiring,” Chloe said. “No shade to the men but women are killing it this year and I just feel like women are bringing something new to the table. There’s something about a woman taking control of her art, knowing what she wants to say and no one really stopping her from doing that.” 

The duo discussed the creative process behind the writing and producing of their own songs. 

“We stand by having no formula when it comes to creating our music and being inspired,” Halle said. “We just love to live in the moment and when we’re hit with inspiration then we act upon it but if we’re not, then we leave it alone.” 

Halle said she gets inspired by venting sessions, good news, sadness or inspiring words that would make a good song title. 

“It’s very fun to just be free and just see what happens,” she said.  

Halle said that though it was difficult to pick a favorite song from their newest album “Ungodly Hour,” she really loved “Lonely.” 

“Being in the midst of a pandemic and being at home and in quarantine, sometimes you do have to realize that it’s okay being alone, and learning lessons, and being content with yourself and learning to love yourself has been at the top of my to-do list,” Halle said. 

Chloe agreed and said that “Lonely” has captured her current mood. 

“One of my favorite lyrics in that is ‘Who are you when no one’s watching?’” She said. “Because when all the glitz and glam leaves and it’s just you, are you happy with yourself, are you content, have you been doing everything you desired?” 

The sisters got candid about their favorite moments of their careers and said that although awards and charts are great accomplishments, the music is what really matters to them. 

“As long as you’re creating the art that makes you happy and you know you’re touching and inspiring people and it’s changing lives, then that’s all you can really ask for,” Chloe said. “Having big accomplishments are cool and all but that’s not why we do this.” 

“You gotta keep pushing, you gotta keep working on your craft, persistence is key…You have to believe in yourself because no one will believe in you until you believe in yourself first.” 


They ended the conversation by sharing lessons that they have learned from being in the music industry. 

“You gotta keep pushing, you gotta keep working on your craft, persistence is key,” Chloe said. “You have to believe in yourself because no one will believe in you until you believe in yourself first.” 

Lauren Lewis, the SUBOG concert chair and seventh-semester communications major,  said that the online setting has made it easier for SUBOG to book more high-profile artists like Chloe X Halle. 

“Although virtual events kind of suck, in some capacity I think they’re really nice because it allows us to get artists that we wouldn’t be able to typically get in a normal year,” Lewis said.  

She said that she was intentional about choosing the moderator, SUBOG Concert Boardmember Jailen Booker, for this event. 

“She’s a Black woman, which I think is important when we have Black women speak with us just so they’re able to connect on that different level,” Lewis said. 

She also said that the decision to book Chloe X Halle for this conversation came from student surveys.  

“We’re always trying to do the best that we can for the students, always listen to the students and to [see] what they want and hopefully you’ll see more of SUBOG Concert this upcoming semester,” Lewis said.” 

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