Connecticut will now issue fines for social distancing violations


Last Tuesday, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont issued an executive order to issue fines for those who attend or host larger gatherings than the state has allowed, or those who do not wear masks in public places, according to Executive Order No. 9B.  

The executive order authorizes local and district health directors, as well as police officers and public safety departments of universities, to issue fines for violations specified in the executive order. This executive order comes as Connecticut’s latest legislation created in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

A fine of $100 will be issued to those who are found guilty of not maintaining social distancing or not wearing a mask in public places where masks are required, the executive order said.  

Those found violating the executive order by hosting gatherings larger than what is legally specified by the DECD Rules for Gatherings and Venues will be charged with a hefty $500 fine, according to the order.  

Those who attend the aforementioned gatherings will be met with a $250 fine, the order said.  

While the University of Connecticut will be enforcing these new regulations as needed, University Spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said UConn students have overall been happy to comply with social distancing and mask-wearing regulations on campus. 

“People in the UConn community have been overwhelmingly compliant with wearing masks, establishing physical distance between themselves and others, and the other steps needed to help safeguard their health,” Reitz said. “Even in cases when a person may not be wearing a mask in a public place, they’ve quickly put it on when asked by others.”  

Based on students’ overwhelming adherence to social distancing guidelines, Reitz said the University has not had any serious issues or violations thus far.  

“While of course the University will enforce the Governor’s executive order if needed, there’s been a cooperative team spirit here to having a healthy campus and we haven’t needed to take punitive measures,” Reitz said.  


  1. Very dark days ahead. People we all know lie and skirt laws all the time are in total control of our freedoms. People whom as “leaders” cant even work together for the betterment of our society, are mandating how we are to live our lives while they engage in deception and in some cases criminal activities. They place more value on thier own political futures that that of the people. They manipulate the weaker among the general population into following them by giving them money and other freebies. Governor Lamont and his party in general are abusing the power and athourity they have available to them. When “executive orders” can change or circumvent the very constitution this country was built on, there is simply only one reason.
    Total control of the popoulation and society itself. Those whom believe this governor or his associates and party, see with thier own eyes the same things everyone else sees, yet they re-elect them. These people with good vision are blind to the real problem. They are blind to the real threat. The comon sense we have always used will protect us from the virus. Not more laws or loss of freedoms.
    We all already possess in our heads, the vaccine for anything. We all have the abilty to protect ourselves.
    Imposing fines for living your birth given rights is not precautionary. It is control beyond belief. I am 65 and amoung the highest risk group for not surviving if contracting Covid-19. I take the precautions I deem necessary and appropriate for myself. I place no one else at risk. But I will not isolate myself from family or friends because of the election desiers of some to be in charge. Arrest me, burn me at the stake. Hang me in front of the capital mr govenor. You will not control me or my legal rights to live free. I am an American. I will live within the boundries of real law, not your Hitler like dictatorship or your parties “vision for the future of the country”. Your parties agenda alone for America.
    Just know we see you. And you will not sucseed at the end of the day with your parties quest to overthrow and impose a new government and system on the people. We will be at war within our own boarders. Masks and social distancing will be the last thing on anyones mind.

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