Fall 2020 fashion must haves


Fall is upon us and this year’s trends are all about statement pieces and layering. Stand out in the crowd with fun animal prints and patchwork jeans. Embody ‘90s style with baggy pants and turtlenecks. Stay protected and stylish with fun masks. Fall style has never been better. 


Whatever your opinions on this material are, leather has experienced a resurgence this fall. Leather (or faux leather) jackets are all over everyone’s Instagram Explore Page and for good reason. They pair perfectly with casual and dressed-up outfits. Wear this jacket over a silky dress or a plain T-shirt and jeans. Leather pants also returning to our closets and our hearts as these Aritzia leather pants sold out in mere minutes. They are fashion forward and biker chic. Stay warm and stylish this fall in leather.  

woman standing and touching wall
Looking to style your outfit this fall? Try adding a leather jacket. Photo by Jacob Prose on Pexels.com

Baggy 90s Dad Jeans 

Baggy dad jeans are shifting from skate style to mainstream style this fall. High-waisted, wide leg and occasionally ripped, these pants are perfect for hitting the skatepark or hanging out with friends. They’re comfortable, stylish and pair nicely with a plain tank top and a flannel. Skinny jeans may have dominated the 2010s, but the new decade is bringing the ‘90s back.  

woman in white shirt and blue denim shorts holding yellow and red balloons
Dad jeans have been becoming ever so popular in 2020, they merge the world’s of style and comfort into one. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com


Turtlenecks have been on trend for a hot minute and their momentum is not slowing any time soon. This fall, turtlenecks can be layered for a casual or dressed up look. This closet staple pairs flawlessly with a silky tank over top for a dressy look, under a sweatshirt for a library chic aesthetic or under a T-shirt for a casual vibe. Turtlenecks are a layering must-have for fall and winter.  

woman wearing red turtleneck top
As the weather begins to drop, it becomes time to bundle up. Consider adding a turtleneck to your wardrobe not only to stay warm, but stylish as well. Photo by Nichole Sebastian on Pexels.com

Patchwork Jeans 

Patchwork jeans are simply built different; they are not like the other girls. These jeans consist of different fabrics sewn together and they are my personal favorite this fall. These jeans add a hint of (pumpkin) spice to every outfit and guarantee compliments. They pair exquisitely with a plain tee or tank and can be worn with sneakers or boots. These jeans are quirky yet versatile and are a necessity for this season.  

Animal prints 

Animal print has been making a comeback and I am loving it. Last year we saw cheetah and leopard print in every store window and this year we have cow and zebra print. These designs come in their true form of black and white but also in an array of different colors. They can be found on jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, bags—the list goes on. Cow and zebra prints give your outfit pizzazz but work flawlessly with anything you pair it with. They are for sure a MOOst have.  

woman sitting on ledge
Photo by Emma Filer on Pexels.com

Reusable masks 

The pandemic is still a pressing issue, although some may pretend like it isn’t. We still need to social distance and wear our masks, however, we shouldn’t throw one out after every single use. Consider investing in reusable cotton masks which can come in an array of colors and designs. They look better than disposable masks and are better for the environment. Having good style can save lives! 

woman in black dress standing on sidewalk
During the pandemic, opt for a reusable mask in order to protect the planet. If you want, you can also co-ordinate your mask to your outfit!. Photo by mikoto.raw on Pexels.com

Stay healthy in these sick clothing pieces this season! 

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