Rapid Fire: What is one thing you’d change to make online school more tolerable?

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As the semester online progresses, students formulate their opinions on how best to improve the virtual experience. (Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com)

In the Opinion section, we usually try to work through our convictions thoroughly and completely. It’s important that our arguments are strong, decisive and well-founded. But sometimes, we don’t need a deeper reason to believe in something. Rapid Fire is for those beliefs that can be explained in just a sentence or two. No more explanation needed.   

Today the section offered their best take on the question: What is one thing you’d change to make online school more tolerable? 

Harrison, Associate Opinion Editor: Give everyone a 4.0 gpa for the semester. 

Harry, Opinion Editor: Catered classes from local restaurants. My online classes would be much more bearable if I was chowing down on Modern Pizza. 

Sharon, Weekly Columnist: The option to be able to take online classes for credit at institutions abroad would make online school not just more tolerable, but also a really cool way to interact with students from all over and to take classes that UConn might not even offer — and might lessen that quarantine feeling that your world has significantly shrunk. 

Nidhi, Campus Correspondent: I would try to encourage professors to make classes more collaborative. It would be cool to help students make something together, but separately (for example, POLS students can make zines together, CS students can create simulations together). I believe that having an element of creation and creativity in classes will bring people together. 

Anika, Weekly Columnist: Having a day off once in a while, other than just weekends. We essentially go non-stop from Labor Day until Thanksgiving. I know that they’re trying to encourage students not to leave campus, but a day here and there would be really helpful, especially from a mental health standpoint. 

Nicole, Opinion Contributor: I would say to integrate class readings from other classes, especially if they are very similar to one another. This limits the need for textbook readings. Taking extensive notes on textbook readings, especially if they are very dense, take a large amount of time.  

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