Bob the Drag Queen is the star of SUBOG’s virtual Homecoming


The Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) hosted a virtual event yesterday which featured Bob the Drag Queen and was hosted by comedian Matteo Lane. The event allowed students to submit questions online through Google Forms or by submitting a video question to Bob via her Instagram page.  

For those unaware, Bob the Drag Queen was the winner of season eight of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and has since gone on to appear in TV shows such as “High Maintenance” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” She also hosts the HBO show “We’re Here” with former “Drag Race” contestants Shangela and Eureka O’Hara. Bob is also the co-host of the podcast “Sibling Rivalry” with Monet X Change which is available on Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.  

When asked which guests Bob would like to interview on her podcast, Bob said she would like to interview either Whoopi Goldberg or someone who disagrees with her, like Vice President Mike Pence. Some hobbies that Bob has gotten back into during quarantine include playing video games, making wigs, writing and making YouTube videos. As for video games, Bob has lately been playing “Fortnite” and “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” Her favorite TV shows are “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Breaking Bad.”  

Has the article yet peaked your interest in who Bob the Drag Queen is? If so, check out her standup on Comedy Central. Video retrieved via YouTube.

Some of the topics that were brought up during the discussion included going to high school in Atlanta, Ga., moving to New York City at 22 and dealing with toxic fans.  

“If I see it, I call it out,” said Bob when referring to fans who use racial slurs against other drag queens. She also mentioned that people who use racial slurs show more about their identity than the person they are targeting the slur towards.  

Earlier in the discussion, Bob was asked about how she thinks the LGBTQIA+ community should improve. “I feel like a problem within the LGBTQIA+ community is that we’re not a monolith, we don’t all share the same opinions,” said Bob. She went on discuss how many members of the community claim they are past the struggles of facing equality when in reality, many transgendered individuals still feel unsafe being themselves.  

“I feel like a problem within the LGBTQIA+ community is that we’re not a monolith, we don’t all share the same opinions.”

“I got contacted to be a part of it,” said Bob when asked why she joined the event. She also said that she never considered herself an academic but was excited to be reached out to by SUBOG. Bob studied theater at Columbus State University before dropping out of college at 21. She then worked at both Applebee’s and Ruby Tuesday’s to pay off her student loans after not receiving any scholarships. 

One of the first drag queens Bob claimed to be inspired by was Hedda Lettuce. She has been a drag queen since 1991 and has been featured in films such as “To Wong Foo,” “Thanks for Everything,” “Julie Newmar” and “Violet Tendencies.”  

Bob has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and over 450,000 followers on Twitter. If you are interested in following Bob on YouTube, she uploads videos weekly, where she has amassed 208,000 subscribers and counting. 

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