Live! From The Turf: WHUS holds socially distant concert


On  Oct. 8, WHUS, in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, held Live! from the Turf, a socially distant outdoor concert for those living on-campus with no Thursday night plans. After spending many months without concerts, the show proved to be a respite for live music fans.  

The concert took place on the turf behind Hugh S. Greer Field House. To adhere to COVID precautions, concert attendees were spaced out on spots at equal intervals across the turf, each spot holding two people. To ensure safety, all attendees were required to provide proof of their being a UConn student to attend the show, which drew a crowd of around 60 people. The concert was hosted and DJ’d by Bootstrap and Wukong.  

Zebvlon was the opening band of the event. Among other songs, the group played “Spring Jacket,” which is a track on their album “Whispers and Echoes.” It was released in November 2019. 

Interested in the sound? Take a listen to one of the songs performed by Zebvlon, “Spring Jacket”. Retrieved via YouTube.

The next act was Two Headed Girl. Their setlist included “Holy Ghost” off their 2018 EP, “With Sadness,” and “Don’t Be Sc*red” off their 2019 EP, “Resonation.” The group also played a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” as well as a selection of  unreleased songs.  

For Two Headed Girl, playing in person was a welcome change of pace. The last live show the band performed in person was WHUS’s Battle of the Bands, which was held last Valentine’s Day.  

The group discussed the shift in live shows during the pandemic.  

“It was weird that it had to be outside in fall, where it’s cold. With the breaking up of the crowd, people can’t really dance together. There’s no mosh pit,” said Celeste Padua, the group’s bassist.  

“It was weird that it had to be outside in fall, where it’s cold. With the breaking up of the crowd, people can’t really dance together. There’s no mosh pit.”

The last group to perform was Mandala. The band performed “Bowery & Bleaker,” “Heavy Sleeper” and “David Brown,” among other songs. Mandala also played a cover of Arctic Monkeys’ “When The Sun Goes Down.” The group’s most recent project is “Damsel in Defense.” 

Despite the restrictions, attendees were grateful to finally be able to experience live music. Sarah Fletcher, a fifth-semester management information systems major, said this was the reason for her attending the concert.  

“I hadn’t seen live music in a while, and I thought it would be nice to support local bands,” Fletcher said.  

Ling Chi is a fifth-semester biomedical engineering, who, along with WHUS live production director Andrew Byrne and the rest of WHUS leadership, helped organize the concert. 

Chi discussed the difficulties of planning a live music event during the pandemic.  

“I talked to Student Activities, we went back and forth a lot. My major concern was making sure it was safe,” Chi said.  

This is the first live event WHUS has held since the Battle of Bands in February. Even with the obstacles in place, Live! From the Turf proved to be a success.  

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