Campus Couture: Sweater vests are the unsung hero of transitional weather wear


As if we could be thrown any more curve balls in the year of 2020, the sweater vest has made a respectful comeback recently. Although I saw a handful of the crazy patterned, sleeveless sweaters roaming around last winter as well, the sweater vest has come back in full force. The snug, boxy and chic silhouette can be both dressed up and down. It is perfect for the half-assed autumn weather we’ve been experiencing recently. Here is your guide to sniff out and style a sweater vest for Fall 2020:  

Funky patterns for the win 

When scouring the world wide web (for you quarantined folks) or a thrift store for a sweater vest, I believe the more grandmotherly the print or pattern, the better. A colorful, but cohesive argyle pattern is both a classic and creative spin. However, I would avoid any knit characters, animals or cartoons as this may come across as a bit tacky. Save those for the virtual Christmas party this year. 

Minimalist uniform 

The most popular way to go about styling a sweater vest is to pair it with a collared shirt layered underneath. This can leave a crisp and sporty look, depending on the cut and style of your blouse. Use a silky and oversized blouse, bonus points if it’s a complementing color of the vest other than white, to give you a chic and lazy look. Find a sheer collared shirt for a flirty vibe and soon you’ll be Cher Horowitz reincarnated.  

Hip to be square 

The nerds just keep getting cooler: for a casual and dressed down look, pair your vest with a white T-shirt and pair of long, bermuda shorts. Snag a pair of chunky sneakers or even some socks and heeled sandals as well, and boom: you’re ready for math class. You guys up to start a D&D campaign after?  

Plain Jane 

If you’re more of the fly-under-the-radar type, try pulling a mono colored ensemble. Try and find a plainer sweater vest — save the patterns for another day. Wear the vest solo without an undershirt, a sleek hairstyle and simple gold earrings to tie things together.  

Pair with tailored pants and heels of the same color. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly the same, this can add a little bit of depth to your ‘fit.  

With just a little bit of tweaking, this cozy tank top of a sweater can turn into a chic work look straight out of a Vogue shoot. Now go raid grandma’s closet!  

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