Feel Good Friday: Resident good boy turns seven

In 2014 Jonathan XIV became the new mascot for UConn. Here he celebrates his birthday on a walk with his brother, Johnathan XIII, on Oct. 5, 2017. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

The University of Connecticut’s canine mascot, Jonathan XIV, turned 7-years-old Monday Oct. 5.  

Kayla Studwell, president of Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity responsible caring for Jonathan, and co-chair of the Husky Committee, said Jonathan XIV had a busy day celebrating his birthday.  

“He enjoyed a  morning walk with his brother and a breakfast of fresh cooked salmon followed by a long restful nap,” Studwell said. “Jonathan was excited to return to campus that same afternoon and, with the help of Alpha Phi Omega and Athletics, gave out t-shirts to students who wished him a happy birthday.”  

While visiting Storrs, Jonathan XIV had a Facebook Live virtual birthday party-tour. As seen in the Live video, Jonathan XIV had a decked-out UConn John Deere golf cart with a metallic number seven balloon. He traveled all over Storrs campus with some helpers, making stops along Gampel Pavilion, Fairfield Way and the Union lawn. 

Studwell said everyone was happy to see Jonathan XIV and wish him a happy birthday. She said that everyone had to have a mask and had to use hand-sanitizer if they petted him.  

“He was so popular we had to run back and acquire more hand-sanitizer to use to allow students to pet Jonathan,” she said.  “He loved every minute of it.”  

Near the end of the Facebook live video, Jonathan XIV was given a mini birthday cake that he promptly ate. The official cake came from Dining Services.  

UConn’s Instagram, @UConn, posted a video that showed both Jonathan the XIII and Jonathan the XIV enjoying the lavish dog biscuit decorated cake while wearing blue bow ties.  

Studwell said both of the Jonathans thoroughly enjoyed the cake.  

“Both XIV and XIII have a sweet tooth and love birthday cake,” Studwell said. “University Communications requested the cake from Dining Services so that we could share both of the boys enjoying XIV’s birthday spoils.  Dining Services did a fabulous job with the cake and biscuits.”  

She said that Jonathan XIV’s birthday celebration was planned by University Communications, Athletics, Dining Services and Alpha Phi Omega. 

“We wanted him to know he is loved by his UConn family,” she said.  

On Oct. 6,  Jonathan XIV thanked everyone for wishing him a happy birthday on his Instagram page, @jonathanhusky14.  

“Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday,” Jonathan XIV said via @jonathanhusky14. “I [heart] my UConn family! Today I’ll be sleeping off a cake-hangover. But I’d do it all again tomorrow if I could!”  

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