‘Snacks from the Past’: A tasty walk down memory lane

Previous SUBOG homecoming events: SUBOG starts off Homecoming with a parade that starts on GIlbert Rd and finished at South Quad. Right after the parade, there was a carnival with free food and rides. Photo by Charlotte Lao/The Daily Campus.

In lieu of their usual Homecoming, the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) have been hard at work putting together virtual and socially distant activities for this year’s Stay-at-Homecoming. I think it’s safe to say most of us have had enough of 2020, so the theme was the Roaring 2000s: perfect for reminiscing about the days when it was normal to shake hands or exchange hugs.   

SUBOG’s Stay-at-Homecoming consisted of everything from a TikTok challenge to a live Q&A featuring the season 8 winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and ended with last Friday’s nostalgic “grab and go” event featuring snacks from the past. 

The “grab and go” station was set up at the Student Union Terrace from 12 to 2 p.m., where students could fill a bag with all sorts of childhood treats. If you signed up for text updates about SUBOG’s future events, you could even pick up some Homecoming swag, such as a stick-on wallet for your phone, fun stickers or a touchless door opener.   

I stopped by and found myself enchanted by the myriad of childhood favorites. I took the liberty of rating each snack, both by taste, and level of nostalgia.   

Kellog’s Corn Pops

Taste: 7/10  

Nostalgia Level: 9/10  

“Snacks from the Past” had a whole bunch of mini breakfast cereals to choose from and I went with Corn Pops, something I totally forgot existed. The bright yellow packaging was calling my name, and the cereal itself was great: not too sugary with just the right amount of crunch!   

Capri Sun  

Taste: 8/10  

Nostalgia Level: 7/10  

Not going to lie, I still have a Capri Sun every now and then. This is one of those childhood favorites that have carried into adulthood. I went with the strawberry kiwi and it brought back so many memories of snack time at the end of a soccer match. This was a soccer mom classic!  

Fruit by the Foot  

Taste: 10/10  

Nostalgia Level: 8/10  

Fruit by the Foot, along with Fruit Roll-Ups (are they not the same thing?), were the rare but oh-so-treasured lunch box delicacy back in elementary school. Out of curiosity, I unraveled the whole thing and measured it, finding it to be just about three feet. One red tongue later, I was thoroughly satisfied.   


Taste: 6/10  

Nostalgia Level: 7/10  

This was another lunch box classic. As a child, I’d usually get the Poppin’ Pink Lemonade, but I went with Flashin’ Fruit Punch this time. Other notable flavors are Blazin’ Blueberry and Grabbin’ Grape –  Hi-C certainly loves their apostrophes. The taste was a bit too artificial for my liking, but this is a common theme among snacks from the past, so that amps up the nostalgia factor.  

Pixi Stix  

Taste: 6/10  

Nostalgia Level: 10/10  

I distinctly remember getting an orange Pixi Stix after cashing in my tickets at places like Chuck E. Cheese. So of course, I had to get the orange flavor. Basically, it’s straight-up sugar with a hint of orange thrown in. I’m honestly very surprised it wasn’t accompanied with a sugar high. Nonetheless, it was definitely the most nostalgic treat of the bunch.   

Dubble Bubble

Taste: 4/10  

Nostalgia Level: 8/10  

This one’s on me, I am not a fan of the classic bubble gum flavor – I’m more of a spearmint gal. It did bring back memories of bubble-blowing contests, kids getting detention, and that icky feeling of accidentally brushing your hand against the gum under your desk, so the nostalgia level is pretty high.   

Kudos to SUBOG for an awesome Stay-at-Homecoming week. Trying treats and reminiscing the good old days was the perfect way to end Friday and kickstart the weekend.   

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