Letter to the Editor: Achievements of the Interfraternity Council


Dear editor,

The UConn Interfraternity Council consists of 13 amazing fraternities who all strive for achievement in different areas of life. We are proud to announce that in the past year, we have achieved remarkable success in all areas of involvement. Below are the following accomplishments: 

Created scholarships for diversity, community service, academic excellence, with many more scholarships on the way as the semester progresses. 

Created a petition with the help of OFSL in order to bring about a course that will educate UConn students on the systemic injustices experienced by BIPOC. Currently, the university administration has listened to our petition and has made the course a reality. 

Created and was a huge contributor to fundraisers aiming at providing relief and support for BIPOC. 

Created and was a huge contributor to fundraisers for organizations that aim to fight against sexual violence. 

The Interfraternity Council has exceeded recruited expectations given the circumstances of the pandemic with having 247 men signed up for recruitment. This number has surpassed the numbers from the last few semesters. Huge shout out to Benjamin Carlson for setting this up. 

Social Media presence has gone up tremendously and has increased from 150 followers back in January to over 2200 followers to this day, making it one of the most followed UConn pages on Instagram. 

The 13 fraternities at the University of Connecticut were one of the biggest contributors to the campus wide Philanthropic event known as HuskyTHON and the efforts are still going strong. 

The All Fraternity Average GPA for the Spring 2020 semester out of 1,003 fraternity men was GPA: 3.632 which is higher than the UConn men’s average GPA. 

IFC has made its way into The Undergraduate Student Government by securing a Vice President-Elect. 

When you join an IFC fraternity, you have made a decision of a lifetime. You have made the decision to commit to academic, philanthropic, social and leadership excellence. 

Akira Dunham
President of IFC
Civil Engineering, Class of 2021

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