This is Halloween 2020


I may not be a man of many talents, but I am a man of many ensembles. Although I have been known for over-the-top costumes and accessories day to day, Halloween is when I tend to turn my game up to 11. Do you need help with owning this festive holiday? Don’t worry friend because today, Oct. 15, 2020, is when I, Lesly, will give you tips and tricks to help you take over Halloween!  

Halloween is meant for getting as creative as possible, so at this time of year, you need to be anything but basic. When deciding how to go about the holiday, the first thing you need to decide on is what you would like to be. The options on your repertoire are endless: a character from a movie, a show, or even fictional characters from a video game. Of course, options should be chosen within reason (we will touch on restrictions in a bit). Whatever you may choose, what is most important to you is that the decision you make will be one you enjoy pulling off for the rest of the night. 

Now, you finally have an idea and you are very excited to wear the ensemble. I love that for your friend! But, let’s not put too much dip on our chip. One thing you have to keep in mind: You cannot appropriate or mock one’s race or culture! This holiday is limitless with opportunity, and everyone who celebrates Halloween wants to enjoy it without feeling less than or hurt by another. An example of appropriating culture would be “dressing up” as a Native American. Culture is not to be mistaken with a costume. Furthermore, an example of someone mocking someone else’s race would be blackface. The history behind blackface is degrading and disrespectful; in the broadest sense, no one should try and portray or act on a race they are not. 

OK, now that we’ve covered concept and ground rules, it’s time to buy and build! There are a few routes to constructing a Halloween costume: You can buy a costume, thrift various pieces to build one up or you can salvage a few pieces from home. Of course, the easier way out of Halloween is buying a costume in store or on Amazon; this would save you the most time, ensuring that you have a costume secured for Oct. 31. If this doesn’t suit you, you can thrift for various pieces. Goodwill is a great example of a store that sells Halloween pieces at an affordable price. However, with COVID-19 lingering as long as it has this year, if you are not comfortable going out or just spending money overall, then there is no shame in gathering clothing and items from home; the costume you make at home can be just as beautiful or even more so than costumes you can buy. 

Alright, by this time everything should be in order! You are on your way to having a great Halloween this year. COVID-19 maybe trick-or-treating as well, but don’t let them stop you from enjoying this amazing holiday. Whether you are social distancing or having a small get together with friends, be sure to eat as much candy as you can and own the outfit that you have spent so much time dreaming about. Go out and make me proud, friend. Good luck, and happy Halloween! 

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