‘Love Goes,’ but Sam’s heart will go on

The title track of Sam Smith’s album, “Love Goes(featuring Labrinth).

There are only a few artists in this time who can cut onions from miles away and still get something out of me: Adele, Rex Orange County, Ellie Goulding and Solange. But then there’s Sam Smith, and let me just say they can cut a whole bag full. On Oct. 30, Smith dropped their third full-fledged studio album “Love Goes.” This album is beautiful, but for the most part, Smith kept me on my feet to dance through their heartache and artificial revelation. 

“Love Goes” is an album in which Smith explores everything love has to offer. It speaks on effervescent young love, enigmatic relationships, youth, acceptance, and letting go of love completely. In this album compared to their other two, they do an amazing job switching from a ballad to a dance record. While I personally have never experienced what Smith has, because I believe love is a scam, this album does an amazing job of putting you in Smith’s shoes. 

Alright friends, I know I’m rambling on about the entirety of this album but I want to talk specifically about two songs which contrast heavily: “Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)” and “Love Goes (feat. Labrinth).” 

“Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)” is the epitome of modern pop. To speak on never getting over another lover, but accepting such and moving on with an upbeat tempo is powerful. This song is equivalent to me coming to you after something terrible happened in my life, and I just say “welp c’est la vie, let’s dance!” Of course, my negative emotions are abrupt, but to bounce back from heartache is beautiful; it is an opening for new beginnings despite experiences of the past. 

The title track “Love Goes (feat. Labrinth)” is everything. At first I thought by the title, the song would speak on how love eventually fades away, but it was more than that. The song was about falling out of love completely. It contradicts the idea that love is forever or that love involves loving someone incessantly. I feel as though the violins, pianos and trumpets complemented the title track so well, it almost feels like the grand finale of side one, regardless of the fact that there is still one track left.  

Smith probably won’t ever read this, but if they stumble across this, I just need to say thank you for this light in the darkness of 2020. On a scale from 1 to 5, this album is right up there with a 4 to 4.5 out of 5! To everyone, if you have ever been in a state of falling in and out of love, if you are currently in love or if you are just trying to find good pop music, check out Smith’s new album! The ballads are killer, the wordplay is to die for and the meaning behind both is even better. It was definitely worth the hour I spent, and I plan on giving it another listen with a box of tissues so I don’t get as caught off guard. 

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @samsmith on Twitter.

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