November’s Sensational Student: Brescia Dover


I love meeting people brimming with passion that shines and glitters behind everything they do. Passion you can see and feel, just by being around them.  

This is how I would describe Brescia Dover.  

November’s sensational student is an incredible artist who captures beauty and emotions through her documentaries and photography. Not only does she dazzle behind the camera, but she is also a business partner, musician and of course, a university student.  

Her inspiring storytelling talent and unique style make Dover’s work one of a kind. Read on to get to know this queen with a camera.  

Kate Luongo (DC): If someone was meeting you for the first time, how would you introduce yourself?  

Brescia Dover: Hi! My name is Brescia. I was born in Utah but grew up in sunny and warm Arizona. I am 22 years old. I was named after a beautiful city in Italy where my dad lived for a while. I was lucky enough to visit Brescia, Italy when I was 20 years old and I think about going back to see that city almost every day. 

KL: What university do you go to/what is your major?  

BD: I am finishing my senior year of college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, with a bachelor’s degree in creative media and film.  

KL: Can you tell me a little bit about your daily life as a student? It is your ideal Saturday evening. What are you doing for fun?  

BD: The daily life of a senior in college looks a little something like this for me: 

1) Starting my days with something like breakfast and exercise. (Maybe even just a walk at the park, or a YouTube workout video clip) 

2) Attending classes or checking in on my online classes. I like to make sure I never fall behind, and I always have my eye on what is next. 

3) Another big thing for me is setting up meetings with professors who I admire. I like to try and get input on my schoolwork from professors who inspire me. Taking up office hours or tutoring when needed is a must for me! 

4) I also recently combined forces with my mom, who is a photographer, and we run a film and photo company! I spend time in my day in between classes to dedicate time to growing our business on social and by connecting with others. 

5) The last and most important part of my day is taking time for me. Whatever that looks like … writing, dancing to my favorite music, going for a drive in the mountains or simply sitting on my porch and watching the sunset! Student life gets stressful; taking time for me is the best gift I could give myself! 

When it’s all said and done, an ideal Saturday night for me looks like a nice meal with my boyfriend, or maybe a night out with my girlfriends! Quality time with the ones I love is most important to me.  

I love being creative. When I get down time to do something for fun, I usually turn to creating an artsy short film or styling a unique self-portrait shoot. Singing and playing my guitar is a close second. 

KL: When did you first get into filmmaking? Do you remember your first documentary?  

BD: I first got into filmmaking when I discovered the simple editing software on all Macs, which is iMovie. We had a desktop computer that my brothers and I shared growing up, and once I found out how to edit clips together from our little camera, there was no going back. I launched Brescia Dover Productions in my high school years, where I created films for weddings, small business and more. I started getting recognized and then realized I could really impact people with my work. 

For Christmas, my parents would get me things that helped me to create more videos. Like my own computer and my first DSLR camera! I’ll never forget the excitement that I felt when my videos started to look more “professional.” In November of 2014, I created my first documentary. This documentary was actually a self-documentary called, “My Survival Story through Anorexia.” It was about my story of living with Anorexia as a little girl, and how I made it through my eating disorder. I posted this documentary on YouTube, and within months I had reached thousands of people and helped them simply by sharing my story. The fun thing about this documentary was that I filmed, edited and starred in it! 

KL: How do you balance filmmaking with your studies?  

BD: What is great about my major is that I get to do what I love within my studies! I get to create films that I can look back on and be like, “Oh yeah! I remember making that in college!” 

KL: How would you describe your style in one word?  

BD: In one word, my filmmaking style is purposeful. There is a reason I do everything I do while shooting and editing. Before I start filming, I always establish my purpose for that film/video. 

KL: What music are you currently listening to?  

BD: I am literally, right now listening to a two-hour playlist that helps with writing stories … I found it on YouTube! But most days, I listen to some of my favorite artists like Lauv, John Denver or Taylor Swift. 

KL: Has creativity/filmmaking ever helped you get through something hard?    

BD: Creativity and filmmaking have helped me get through multiple challenges in my life. One of these challenges was being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer at the start of 2019. I shared my story through a documentary on YouTube, and it helped me to be open and honest with my journey and where I am today. But being creative in general, is my form of expression! Whenever I feel down, I turn to my creative headspace to help cheer me up.  

KL: What is your dorm/apartment like? Can you describe your ideal study space?  

BD: I live in a town home that faces the Northern Arizona mountains. I love it here and will ALWAYS be a mountain girl! Opening my windows to get natural light in and cozying up on my little couch is my ideal study space. 

KL: What are your future plans after college (no pressure!)? Did your time at university influence this decision?  

BD: After college I will be working on becoming a storyteller for film! I ultimately want to be a screenwriter and be one of the people behind the films that we watch on the big screen.  It seems to really be about who you know, so I am working on connecting with others in the film industry now to get to the point where people start to know me! 

BD: I will continue working with my mom however on growing our company, Brescia and Suz! We are a mother + daughter film and photo company who specialize in weddings and special occasions! We are based out of Arizona but are excited for any opportunity to travel and do destination weddings! We love working together and LOVE meeting new people and documenting their stories through film + photo. I’ll even drop our website and social media here: 

Instagram: @brescia.and.suz 

KL: What is your main goal as a filmmaker? Is there something you want your viewers to take away from your videos?  

BD: My main goal as a filmmaker is to tell a meaningful story. I want to create things that leave an impact on people. Things like talking about mental illness and ending the stigma around it. These are things that I am passionate about.  

I want my viewers to feel an underlining message behind each film I make. Even if the film’s message is something as simple as love, like a wedding video I make … I want the viewer to really feel the love and be able to say that they could see it through my film. 

KL: Do you have any advice for students seriously pursuing a hobby/passion during university? 

BD: To any students who want to pursue a hobby or passion during university, go for it! It has made all the difference in my life to do what I enjoy, to be creative and do something that I know I can impact others with. Usually when we do things that we are passionate about, others notice and fall in love with whatever it may be that we are pursuing! Prioritize what matters most to you and chase the things that fuel your creativity!  


  1. —-talking about mental illness and ending the stigma around it.

    Ending that prejduice begins by putting an end to teaching it. We are still too caught up in teaching it to realize that.

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