‘No One Else, Not Even You’ is a perfect EP

Mae Muller’s opening track, “Dependent” from her new EP.

Mae Muller is not the first person you think of when it comes to being a pop legend. With her new EP “No One Else, Not Even You,” however, Muller has shown she is a legend in the making. 

The opening track “Dependent” displays a relationship between Muller and a guy which can be described as intense. Lines like “I think it’s happenin’, I tried to run away / But you’re under my skin, like I’m under your covers, babe” showcase Muller’s intense emotional connection with a guy and her bubbly songwriting. Muller’s range and the song’s tempo feel similar to fellow British pop singer Lily Allen. 

Muller continues to flex her strength as an artist on the track “HFBD” where instead of gushing over a guy, she is wishing him the worst. The lines “Happy f****n’ birthday / I hope it is the worst day of the year / Everytime you celebrate, you’ll be thinkin’ of my face / Sayin’ ‘Happy f****n’ birthday,’ my dear” reveal how savage Muller can be during a breakup. Throughout the album, listeners find out that this guy Muller talks about was not a model boyfriend or a solid person.  

Where Muller really shines as an artist is with her connection to her audience. She channels an Ariana Grande “Thank U Next” energy on the song “Wish U Well” where she wishes she had closure with her ex but ultimately wants him to do well. Yet the following and closing track, “Work Like That” brings out the Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now” side of Muller, which is aggressive and lambent. She grills her ex for being a creep and sings, “Can’t have eyes for everything you see, yeah / Get a life, you’re f****ng 33.”  

Being emotional has always been a part of pop music. The struggle that most pop artists face is how to balance their emotions while also putting out a quality record. Muller is only 23 and has already figured out this balance sooner than artists generations ahead of her. She starts off the EP as a bright eyed lover who is all about being with her man. But as the project progresses, she forms a disdain toward her ex and starts to become bitter. By the end, she feels stronger than ever and is ready to start a new life. 

Hearing Muller’s vocals is the cherry on top of this sweet sundae. They are hypnotic and passionate while also vulnerable during more subdued tracks. Muller’s British accent sometimes comes through on some songs, but it only makes those tracks more relatable. The song “So Annoying” is a great example of this where she is venting about how annoying she is toward her boyfriend. The lines, “I’ll go ‘round to your housе and, all we’ll do is talk / Then drive around for hours, for no reason at all / I guess I miss the way that, the way it was before / When we were just so young, no, dumb and immature” have Muller using her vocals to lay out a harmonious and delicate performance. 

“No One Else, Not Even You” is a spiritual awakening in pop music. It combines the catchy beats of the 2000s, the savage lyrics of the 90s and the emotional depth of the 2010s. Muller is not a household name but if she continues to put out work like this recent EP, she will be remembered as one of this generation’s greatest artists.  

Rating: 5/5 

Featured photo courtesy of @maemuller_.

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