Netflix’s ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ opens up the hearts of everyone watching


Netflix’s newest holiday film, “Operation Christmas Drop,” was released this past Friday, and surprisingly enough, it exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a cheesy, standard Christmas movie that had me falling asleep before it even finished, but this one delivered. 

“Operation Christmas Drop” delves into the behind-the-scenes of a massive giveaway that a United States Air Force base completes every year. How so, do you ask? By dropping large boxes full of goodies outside of moving airplanes, and then having them gently land on various impoverished islands by parachute. I know, it sounds too good to be true … and it is. A particular congresswoman wants nothing to do with this base, and ultimately tries to shut it down. 

Erica, a congressional aid, has last minute orders to travel to a tropical base where she meets Captain Andrew Jantz, a devoted member of Operation Christmas Drop and Erica’s very own tour guide. Jantz is aware Erica’s sole mission for traveling to the island is to find reasons to defund the base, and uses his charm and charisma to try to persuade her otherwise … but will it work? 

This romantic comedy is cheesy enough to occasionally make you cringe, but relatable enough where you end up falling in love (at least I did). The one thing about this movie that works to bring everyone together is its core value: giving back to the community. Operation Christmas Drop is centered around giving necessary supplies to people who are in need, including books, clothes, food and so much more. Giving back is something that binds the human race together and reminds people of what Christmas is truly about. As I watched the movie, I was reminded the holiday season is not just about receiving presents under the tree, but more so about being grateful for what we have and not taking anything for granted. It’s a reminder of the power of community, and what amazing things can be achieved if everyone works toward a common goal. 

Plot aside, “Operation Christmas Drop” is both modern and relevant. The recent election made the political undertones of the story very fitting, and I enjoyed the dynamic between the congresswoman and the congressional aid, not to mention them both being females was lovely. I found the film to be very diverse, with multiple black characters and multiple interracial relationships. It embodies the notion that people of color and females are capable of running powerful positions, and doing so efficiently and successfully. 

While I had no idea until the end of the film, “Operation Christmas Drop” is loosely based off of a real story. In fact, Operation Christmas Drop is the longest-running U.S. Department of Defense mission and has been taking place since 1952. The Air Force began dropping supplies to more than 50 islands around the Pacific Ocean after one day a few pilots saw people waving to them from the land below. The movie was filmed at the actual Air Force base in Guam where this operation takes place. 

If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit and you’re a lover of rom-coms, be sure to check out “Operation Christmas Drop” on Netflix … you won’t be disappointed. 

Rating: 5/5 stars  

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  1. Loved this movie. I had the chance to visit the lovely island of Guam twice as my son was stationed there. The island is poor and the island people are so nice. This movie brought back many memories for me. I cried most of the way through it. It is a very delightful experience.

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