“My Own Words”: A candid look into the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


“My Own Words” is a collection of accounts that offer a candid look into the esteemed life and career of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Known for her prolific writing and public speaking abilities, this book takes readers on a journey through Ginsburg’s life while showing off her witty personality along the way. Although the book is centered on Ginsburg, her accounts shed light on the state of our country as well as the judicial process as a whole.  

The book was published in 2018, prior to her passing, and provides readers with a comprehensive account of Ginsburg’s life and experiences as a justice. This book is less of a memoir but is more aptly described as a series of thoughts and reflections of Ginsburg’s while looking back on her own life.  

Each chapter is introduced with biographical context and provides information from hundreds of interviews conducted by her biographers Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams. It discusses many different aspects of her life that were central to her identity including being a Supreme Court Justice, being Jewish, interpreting the Constitution and her relentless fight for gender equality. 

Ginsberg’s legacy is one that has and will continue to have a lasting effect on all Americans. She fought tirelessly for gender equality and worked toward reforming the typical expectations for how women and men should act, what career paths they should pursue and their roles as mothers and fathers.  

Prior to being appointed to the Supreme Court, Ginsburg worked as a litigator for the American Civil Liberties Union where she won many groundbreaking cases on sex discrimination. Alongside many other important legal figures, Ginsburg was able to reinvent the typical family dynamics in which the man was expected to be the “breadwinner.” She allowed women of all ages to dream of a future outside of their traditional roles as homemakers and caretakers.  

One of her most well-known cases involved Ginsburg advocating for a father who was denied survivor benefits after his wife died. This is just one of many instances in which she spearheaded important legislation using innovative tactics that focused on equal protection under the law for all Americans. 

Ginsburg lived a meaningful life, one that will be remembered for breaking down long-held gender norms that plagued society for many centuries. She was a leading voice in the fight for gender equality and equal protection under the law for both men and women.  

“My Own Words” provides readers with a candid look into the life of one of the country’s most beloved Supreme Court Justices. From the perspective of Ginsburg herself, this book is an important read for anyone interested in learning more about the judicial process and the ways in which she lived a fulfilling life serving others. 

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