Hollieats: Storrs’ staples


From scouring through syllabi to figuring out how to navigate yet another course load of virtual classes, the beginning of the semester can prove to be more overwhelming than you might think. In these first few days, some professors may run through the class expectations and required materials while others launch right into lecture. Whether you’re on campus and seeking a reprieve from dining hall food or cooking, or you’re at home and reminiscing about your favorite husky haunts, here are some of my recommended local eateries with my particular order if you’re looking to try something different. 

Dave’s Deli 

Fun fact: Not only does Dave make delicious grinders, but he also is a Good Samaritan that changed my friend’s tire when he saw us stranded on the side of the road on campus. Now that’s service! But even before they won my friend’s and my loyalty, Dave’s always stood out as a hidden gem in Storrs center for their delicious grinders with quality ingredients and flexibility for different preferences and diets. It’s always such a welcoming place to visit for a comforting meal. 

Order: a cheesy, saucy chicken parm wrap 

Gansett Wraps 

At first glance, Gansett appears to serve similar items as Dave’s. However, their wraps and side orders offer other yummy options at really great prices. You can get eight mozzarella sticks for $5.50, a whole container of onion rings for $5.25 and six pieces of falafel for $4! (I love appetizers.) And honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their wraps, which are huge. 

Order: falafel wrap with either mozzarella sticks, fries or onion rings 

D.P. Dough 

There is something so comforting about a melty, decadent pocket of food. The combinations at D.P. Dough are just as fun as their names. Who wouldn’t love bacon, tater tots, cheddar and mozzarella with a side of sour cream (Falling Rock Zone) or a simple yet tasty Pesto Zone with pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes?  

Order: Speed Zone or Chicken Parmazone 

YAMATO Hibachi and Poke Bowl 

When students discuss ordering sushi or poke, they’re usually talking about EatJoy or Asian Bistro in Storrs Center, which are great options! However, let me draw your attention to Yamato on the other side of campus, which offers a fairly expansive selection of rolls, hibachi and Japanese appetizers. Like EatJoy, I feel their poke bowls have a bit too much rice compared to fish for the price. However, I can’t ask for too much when we live in the middle of cow town. 

Order: good ol’ reliable spicy salmon and eel avocado rolls. 

Spring Hill Cafe 

You might have passed Spring Hill Cafe on your way to the greater Mansfield Center, but don’t let its unassuming exterior fool you. Attached to a landscaping business and its chalkboard walls bedecked in their offerings, Spring Hill has such a cozy and cute aesthetic to fit it’s comforting and high quality food. They’ve got salads, wraps, grilled cheeses, sandwiches, breakfast dishes and a bunch of freshly baked goods you can enjoy with a hearty smoothie or fun coffee drink. My friends and I struggled with ordering considering how good everything sounded. We definitely enjoyed what we ate and already know what we want to get next time – unless Spring Hill has added more options, then we might be faced with more challenging decisions. 

Order: Pick Two Lunch Combo with half Green Goddess grilled cheese/The Gobbler/Henny Penny wrap and a cup of beef chili 

Blaze Pizza 

This late-night pick is a favorite among Huskies for a reason. Building your own pizza is always the way to go to get the full experience of their plethora of fresh and delicious ingredients. When you order in person, there is no limit to what you can get on your pie. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer as many crazy customizations, but you can still choose from four different sauces, eight cheese choices, eight meat options, over a dozen vegetable toppings and a bunch of fun “finishes” including a pesto drizzle. Blaze is also pretty on the ball with diet preferences, offering a solid vegan cheese and spicy vegan chorizo. There’s a simple pizza craving, and then there’s a Blaze pizza craving—they’re just in a league of their own. 

Order (yes, it’s intense): Classic dough with red sauce, white sauce dollops and garlic pesto on the crust; shredded mozzarella and feta cheese; crumbled meatballs and grilled chicken; banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, red onions, garlic and spinach; oregano and pesto drizzle 

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