IU makes everyone feel like a celebrity


Lee Ji-eun, or more famously known as IU, has shaken the Korean music charts again with her newly released song and accompanying music video, “Celebrity,” on Jan. 27. “Celebrity” draws listeners in with its pop rhythm, choreography, stylish wardrobe and uplifting message.  

According to Kpopstarz, IU is not only known as Korea’s “national sweetheart” because of her songs, but also as a versatile artist with a distinct voice from her heartbreaking ballads, like “Ending Scene” to love song collaborations like “Soulmate” and a farewell song to her friends like “Eight”. In her latest single, IU gives the perspective of everyone being their own celebrity or fan. Her voice radiates a comforting pop melody throughout the song.   

The music video shows the different things celebrities encounter. For example, the video shows IU putting makeup on in front of a mirror, forcibly hiding her identity, getting chased by the paparazzi, performing on stage and attending award shows. She effortlessly transitions from lower pitches to higher ones.  

Although the music video metaphorically shows IU assuming the role of a celebrity, the lyrics should still resonate with listeners. A specific line that stood out reads, “Don’t forget among the dark clouds // you’re a star painted with a left hand // can’t you see how beautiful a true uniqueness can be // you’re my celebrity.” She demonstrates her poetic lyric-writing skills and her ability to uplift listeners in this song.  

In one scene of the music video, IU is alone in a dark room, depicting how people might feel lonely or disconnected from the world right now, but reminds listeners to stand up tall. Her lyrics tell people that despite the judgmental society we may be in, it is important to remind yourself about your own uniqueness. 

The music video also features dance choreography IU does not always showcase in her other music videos, but is definitely a highlight to “Celebrity.” The song is upbeat and definitely makes you want to dance wherever you are. The music video does not only captivate you as IU transforms through these different roles as a celebrity, but also entices you with its pop melody. With the release of IU’s celebrity music video, she provides a special clip where she sings the song more directly in front of the camera than in her music video. This special clip of “Celebrity,” yet again, shows how talented IU is, even without background dancers or changes of scenery.  

According to IU’s award speech at the 35th Golden Disc Awards, “Celebrity” is an introduction to her upcoming album in the works. Overall, “Celebrity” provides a heartwarming, feel-good song that is slightly different from how some of her other songs or music videos appear, but nonetheless, is another bop from South Korea’s national sweetheart. I would be proud to give the music video a 5/5 rating. 

Rating: 5/5 

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @_IUofficial on Twitter.

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