Mistakes, Football and Impeachment

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) celebrates after a catch for a touchdown during the NFL Super Bowl 55 football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. (Ben Liebenberg via AP)

Did you miss any big news this past week? Don’t worry – The Daily Campus has your back. Here is a breakdown of the top news stories.  

Gorilla Glue Mishap:   

A Louisiana woman sought medical treatment Saturday, Feb. 6 after spending the past month with Gorilla Glue stuck in her hair, according to The Guardian.  

Tessica Brown has been sharing her hair story on Tik Tok and has earned over 20 million views. Instead of using her usual Got2B spray, she used super-strength adhesive Gorilla Glue as a replacement. Her hair, which she has named “the forever ponytail,” has not moved in a month.  

She posted two videos on her social media pages Saturday. One shows a nurse applying acetone wipes and sterile water to her hair. The other video shows her in the emergency room. It is still unclear if either of these methods have worked.   

Super Bowl LV:  

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 Sunday, Feb. 7.  

Tom Brady, the Buccaneers’ quarterback, clinched his seventh Super Bowl win, breaking his own personal record of being the oldest quarterback to win and holding the most Super Bowl titles, according to CBS News. He was also named the game’s MVP.  

Tampa Bay is now the first team to both play and win the Super Bowl in their home stadium.  

The Chiefs failed to score a touchdown throughout the entire game. They are the third team to have done so, joining the Rams in Super Bowl LIII and the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI, according to CBS Sports.  

Before the game even started, Amanda Gorman, the 22 year-old poet who performed at President Biden’s inauguration, became the first poet to be featured in the Super Bowl, according to the New York Times. She delivered a new poem, “Chorus of the Captains,” in a pre-recorded segment.  

During halftime, The Weeknd performed a medley of his songs, including “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Blinding Lights.” The production featured a hall of mirrors, gospel singers and an ensemble of bandaged backup dancers. He personally spent $7 million for the performance, according to CNN Entertainment.  

Puppy Bowl XVII: 

For those who wanted a different type of game Sunday, Feb. 7, Animal Planet aired its 17th Puppy Bowl, a televised mock football game featuring shelter puppies who are eligible for adoption.  

Twelve puppy players came from Western Connecticut, according to News 12. The selection process was altered this year, as puppies were only selected from driving distance away from the upstate New York filming location to accommodate COVID-19 safety regulations. These dogs hailed from Danbury Animal Welfare Society, Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue and Norwalk’s Pet Animal Welfare Society. All 12 puppies have since been adopted.  

ESPN announcer Steve Levy and SportsCenter host Sage Steele provided commentary on the game between Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Ultimately, Team Ruff won with a final score of 73-69, according to CNN.  

Impeachment Trial:  

The second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump began Tuesday, Feb. 9.  

Day One:  

The first day focused on the constitutionality of trying to impeach a president who is no longer in office. Former President Trump is being tried for whether or not he incited an insurrection by encouraging supporters who stormed the Capitol last month and disrupted the counting of Electoral College votes, according to The New York Times.   

House managers began the day showing a video montage of Trump “egging on supporters,” according to CNN. Lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin shared his story from the day of the attack and said “this cannot be the future of America.”  

At the end of day one, the final 56-44 vote rejected Trump’s defense team’s claim that it is unconstitutional to prosecute a president after leaving office. All 50 Democrats, with an additional six Republicans, voted towards continuing the impeachment, according to The New York Times.   

Day Two:  

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, the House impeachment managers showed new violent security footage from the U.S. Capitol, according to CNN. The footage is being used as part of a presentation to show the “extreme violence” at the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

According to the Washington Post, three notable video moments showed former Vice President Mike Pence being evacuated from the Senate chamber, Officer Eugene Goodman telling Mitt Romney to run from the mob and rioters yelling “Where are your Nancy? We’re looking for you, Nancy.”  

Day Three:  

On Thursday, Feb. 11, the House impeachment managers continued to present their case against former President Trump. According to CNN, House impeachment manager Ted Lieu said Trump failed to show remorse or take responsibility in the days following the Capitol riot. Lieu explained that lack of remorse can suggest future harm, if given the opportunity.  

“President Trump expressed no regrets for last week’s violence insurrection at the US Capitol. This sends exactly the wrong signal to those of us who support the very core of our democratic principles and took a solemn oath to the constitution. It is time to say enough is enough,” Lieu said, according to CNN.  

Lieu also commended Trump for not paying his respects to the late U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.  

Zoom Faux Pa(w)s: 

A virtual Texas courtroom hearing was interrupted by an inappropriate Zoom filter on Tuesday, Feb. 9, according to NBC News.  

Presidio County Attorney Rod Ponton arrived at the Zoom civil forfeiture hearing as a cat. According to recorded footage, he was willing to remain a feline and said “I’m prepared to go forward with it. I’m here live. I’m not a cat.”  

Ponton struggled to remove the filter but eventually was able to deactivate the furry facial feature.  


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