‘Super Monster’ is a nice start for Claud


Indie pop is one of the more exciting genres of music in today’s landscape. Artists like Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers have produced modern hits with smooth melodies and catchy lyrics. 

Enter Claud, a Chicago area bedroom pop artist who is starting a new chapter in pop on their debut album, “Super Monster.” Filled with heartbreak and hope, Claud explores the wonders of life while also exploring their own emotions. 

One of the funniest songs on the album is “That’s Mr. B**ch to You ft Melanie Faye.” Claud’s sarcastic tone about being called a slur is a tongue in cheek way to get back at people who insulted Claud without coming off as a sore loser. The guitar solo at the end from Faye adds to the pop-punk demeanor of the track giving the song a rebellious edge. 

Where Claud shines as an artist is with their songwriting. On the song “Gold,” the lines “You like drinking and then taking things apart / But can’t you see we’re different people I don’t wanna make this hard” highlights a difficult relationship that is being destroyed by alcohol.  

Another track where Claud’s songwriting is brilliant is on the song, “This Town.” Lines like “We’ve been wasting time / Gettin’ wasted every night / Now my eyes are open wide / Blinded by street lights” accompany the brooding backing guitar beautifully. It also fits well with Claud’s desire to move out of their hometown to avoid problems. 

The song “Jordan” is a shoutout to the home of basketball legend Michael Jordan whose house is supposedly behind Claud’s grandparents’ home in Illinois. While “Jordan” is a love song, it is not dedicated to Jordan himself as Claud stated in an interview with Genius. Nevertheless, it is still a nice mention to Claud’s home area.   

The dreamy production throughout the record reminds me of Snail Mail’s 2018 album “Lush” with the light synths and gentle guitars. Claud’s music is layered with a nostalgic glow of time gone by. Outside of a couple of tracks, “Super Monster” is an album where the music relaxes listeners while also giving them insight into Claud’s life. 

Vocally, Claud is a talented and skilled singer, but their range could have been improved. The song “Cuff Your Jeans” has Claud going for a melancholic tone which works for the first verse, but feels flat by the chorus. This is unfortunate given how great the lyrics and guitar work are on the rest of the song.  

After listening to “Super Monster,” it is clear that Claud is the future of indie-pop music. Their unique blend of bedroom pop with creative songwriting adds life to the genre. Claud’s range as a musician expands beyond their own musical talents on this album. They along with Clairo, Josh Mehling and Noa Frances Getzug appear on the closing track “Falling With The Rain” as the band Shelly.  

Claud delivered on their debut album and with intricate songwriting and dreamy instrumentation, Claud is an artist that is going to have staying power in the music industry. 

Rating: 4.75/5 

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @claud.mp3 on Instagram.

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