UConn students react to spring break policy

The University of Connecticut plans for all on-campus students to return home beginning April 11, the start of spring break. Students have mixed feelings about this policy. Photo by Erin Knapp/The Daily Campus

Following the procedure of the fall semester, the University of Connecticut plans for on-campus students to return home permanently at the start of spring break, delayed until April 11. According to a poll on the UConn subreddit, on-campus students have mixed feelings towards the policy. 

The poll asked 650 participants whether they would like to skip spring break and end the semester earlier, or to follow the University’s current plan of a shorter, later break. 

The poll currently sits at 54% of students against the university policy, wanting to have no week off, but end the semester earlier. 

In the comments of the Reddit poll, students recounted their experiences with the similar fall semester break, some citing it as their reason for supporting no spring break, such as a lack of steady internet access at home compared to Storrs. 

“Honestly it feels like all of the COVID stuff they do is done with the intent of decreasing liability at the cost of a student’s college experience,” Caitlin Jenkins, a sixth-semester civil engineering major said via Reddit. 

While Jenkins understands the need to keep the campus safe from a COVID-19 outbreak, she believes that the reason is financial, sending students home earlier to cut down on the cost of maintaining housing. 

“I’d rather have a few reading days sprinkled throughout the semester than see thousands of my peers get cheated out of thousands (the cost of room and board for the two weeks we were on campus).” she continued. 

Other students were happy to have a spring break, even if it was pushed further back in the semester. 

“An earlier break would be nice, but I think we are super lucky to even get a break,” Abi Young,  a fourth-semester electrical engineering major said. “Some of my friends at University of New Haven and Central Connecticut State University don’t have breaks.” 

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