Thirsty Thursdays: The Zesty Blube

With Deep Eddy’s lemon vodka, Barefoot blueberry wine, frozen wild blueberries, lemonade, and a sliced lemon, you’ve got yourself a Zesty Blube reminiscent of summer. Photo provided by author

Drunk with power, rather than alcohol, I spent last weekend in a state of invention. Like a haute couture chef or an inspired Sim, I grabbed the ingredients left and right from the grocery and liquor stores in a fit of passion. Some may say that midterm season had driven me to insanity, but none question the flavor, impact and wonder of my life’s work: the Zesty Blube. 

The Zesty Blube is a rather simple drink to make. All you need is Deep Eddy’s lemon vodka, Barefoot blueberry wine, frozen wild blueberries (ideally from Trader Joe’s), lemonade and a sliced lemon. The blueberry, lemon combo is artful, with the tart blueberries enhancing the acidic flavor of the lemon. It tastes a whole lot like summer, and even more like a berry-flavored Naked smoothie.  

The ratio of these ingredients is truly up to you. I, personally, put two slices of lemon and a little pile of blueberries into a wine glass, which I then poured vodka over until they were a little more than covered. From there, I poured the wine into the glass until it was approximately halfway full — although I seemed to have accidentally poured much more wine in for my second and third glasses than in my first. I then topped off the glass with lemonade.  

Flavor-wise, this drink is delightful but dangerous. You truly cannot taste a drop of alcohol while drinking it. For this reason, the other Thirsty Thursday taste testers and I accidentally drank far more than we normally would have. That being said, since the lemonade hydrated us as we drank, we woke up without a single hangover headache among us the next day. Although, I, for one, felt incredibly nauseous that next morning from the sheer sugar content of it all. 

“If you want to get drunk fast without tasting any alcohol, this is the drink for you,” a Thirsty Thursday taste tester said whilst drunk. “It’s definitely dangerous.” 

Being that the Zesty Blube packed a punch in terms of hangover, many people told me I shouldn’t have combined vodka with wine. As the old saying goes, “wine before liquor, you’ve never been sicker” — you shouldn’t drink a less alcoholic drink and then switch to hard liquor. Well, according to the website AfterDrink, this isn’t necessarily true. The problem does not lie in the order in which you drink beverages, or in mixing those beverages. It comes down to the fact that mixed drinks, like the Zesty Blube, cause you to drink far more alcohol than you would have if you had just stuck to wine or vodka. 

This drink got the entire Thirsty Thursday crew drunker than they have in a long time. So, if you decide to make my delicious concoction — which I do highly recommend — make sure to drink with caution. And, possibly take water breaks between glasses. 

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