USG to hold special election for CDO tonight


The Undergraduate Student Government Senate will host a special election for the position of Chief Diversity Officer tonight in light of former CDO-Elect B Diaz’s resignation. 

According to an email sent by Speaker of the Senate Luis Toscano, a sixth semester junior finance major, an Intent to Run form was posted the night of March 15 in advance of the election.  

Toscano said all senate members will receive a meeting agenda outlining all the candidates and their platforms for the upcoming election.  

This special election comes on the heels of a recent Judiciary ruling, addressing a contradiction between the USG Constitution and Election Bylaw specifically Bylaw XV, Section 6e, which states “In the event that a candidate resigns or forfeits an elected seat before being sworn in, the runner-up in the candidate’s election shall assume the seat.”  

According to a report written by Chief Justice Caleb D. Moore on behalf of the Judiciary, it found “the general concept of giving an election to the runner-up to be undemocratic,” and stated the people’s mandate is “better preserved through a subsequent vote by their Senators, as opposed to a position being given to someone who failed to secure a plurality of votes in the first place.” 

When we reached out to Moore on why the Judiciary changed these bylaws only after Diaz’s resignation, Moore explained the Bylaw XV, Section 6e clause was supposed to be taken out during a previous set of revisions, but the Judiciary failed to do so.  

The voting process for the election requires a two-thirds majority vote via secret ballot for a candidate to be elected, according to Toscano. If no candidate meets a two-thirds majority, an immediate runoff vote will eliminate the candidate with the fewest votes from the available options. Voting will conclude after a candidate has two-thirds majority votes.   

The Senate will vote for a new CDO on Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m.  

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