‘Slime Language 2’ is Young Thug in his element


Young Thug is one of the most polarizing rappers working today. His nasally voice and his eccentric production choices have made Thug one of the most unique rappers in hip-hop. On his new collaborative album “Slime Language 2,” Young Thug is able to channel his talents while also bringing on new names to this loaded project. 

The opening track “Slatty” features Young Thug with Gunna along with Lil Duke and Yak Gotti on a flute beat that is absolute fire. Young Thug and Gunna sound great together as usual and their chemistry reminds me of their 2019 song “Surf.” What surprised me the most however was Gotti. His growly vocals added an unexpected flare that made the track sound more lit than it already was. While Gotti’s lyrical talents are not the greatest, his line “Magazine clips, so you might get your issue / You think you gangster cause’ you got a pistol?” had me intrigued by the wordplay. 

Another stand out track is “Solid,” which features Drake along with Young Thug and Gunna. If there are any notes to be taken by this album, it’s that Drake is the king of hooks. His melodies are unmatched and he takes the tropical sounding beat and makes you feel relaxed. Gunna and Young Thug do their best, but Drake steals the show with his hypnotic voice.  

“Diamonds Dancing” with Travis Scott showcases the melodic strength Gunna and Young Thug have along with their collaborative abilities. Their flows are in perfect synchronicity with Scott who is best known for his auto-tuned party approach to hip-hop. The beat doesn’t sound like something Scott would normally work on, but he adjusts to the stylistic change seamlessly and works well with Young Thug and Gunna’s distinct styles. 

“Warrior” which features T-Shyne, Lil Keed and Big Sean is also a standout track. Lil Keed’s baby vocals saying “warrior” repeatedly had me instantly hooked to the song about flexing and being in your prime. Produced by Nest and Rok, the wavy production puts listeners in a space that is euphoric.  

Where “Slime Language 2” runs into some problems is the length of the album. With 23 songs running a total of an hour and 15 minutes, the record feels bloated. That’s not to say, the album is bad, a majority of the songs belong on Young Thug’s future concert rotation, but when there’s songs that don’t feature Young Thug or Gunna that are not “Warrior” on the album, it’s hard to see why Young Thug decided to make the album longer than 15 tracks.  

Also, the song “Superstar” featuring Future is trash. Future does the weird whispery trick that made him a meme on Kendrick Lamar’s “Kings Dead” and Young Thug sounds out of it. Lyrically, this is some of Young Thug’s weakest material and lines, like “Abu Dhabi trips with a U.S. broad / Back to back Lamb’s, need an extra garage,” don’t help his case for being a lyrical genius. 

“Slime Language 2” is a bold attempt to combine today’s most popular rappers with Young Thug’s label artists, and for the most part, this experiment works. What prevents me from calling this album a masterpiece, however, is the extended runtime and the inconsistency of the album towards the second half. 

Young Thug has definitely grown on me though, and his vocal abilities always have me curious as to what type of vibe he will bring to a track. His collaborations with Travis Scott and Gunna made the record a fun experience, especially for someone who hated Young Thug’s style years ago. 

Rating: 8/10 

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