Point/Counterpoint: Who was the better editor?

By Ashton Stansel and Jonathan Synott

Conner Gilson (left) is the outgoing associate sports editor and Danny Barletta (right) is the outgoing sports editor. Photos courtesy of Kevin Lindstrom/The Daily Campus

As the school year comes to a close, we have to say goodbye to our seniors, including our outgoing editors Danny Barletta and Conner Gilson. We are super appreciative of all these two have done for the DC Sports section, especially in these uncertain times of COVID-19 which have turned the entire sports world upside down. They inherited a tough task, and were able to produce yet another successful year of content with the DC. 

As the two incoming editors, we will be capping off Danny and Conner’s time at the DC with an annual tradition: an epic debate asking who was the better editor. Typically, there is a bit of roasting involved, but we decided to take it in a different direction this year.

Ashton Stansel: Danny was clearly the better editor. He was the one who was in charge, after all, and despite the pandemic he led the section to a very successful year in which we covered all of the sports and such that were happening, even through a lot of cancellations and frustrations, successfully. 

Jonathan Synott: While Danny did a great job leading the pack, Conner was right alongside him helping the entire time. Conner was easily reachable and came up with great ideas for articles week in and week out. Despite his odd choices for his favorite teams (Packers, Bucks and Swansea City), he came in hot with great takes, especially when he called a return-to-form season from Aaron Rodgers this past year, who won MVP.

Ashton: True, but Danny did his job as editor while also covering multiple of the most competitive sports, like men’s basketball and baseball. He wrote all or some of 90 articles this year as the editor, while still having time to edit stories and help people with pitches and articles of their own. He always made sure to cover point/counterpoints and recaps when there was a lack of ideas and brought some great profiles of UConn’s athletes, like when he wrote about Paige Bueckers’ fight against racism.

Jon: That was a great article, but Conner had some gems too. He wrote a great piece on UConn alum Andre Drummond and players getting different treatment than teams’ front offices. He also tackled multiple tough beats, including women’s basketball and baseball this year. Although not relating to the DC, he also was a great orientation leader as well. He was definitely the second best “O-Leader” around (shoutout Tim) and his leadership efforts definitely translated to his hard work at the DC.

Ashton and Jon: As the incoming sports editors, we definitely have some big shoes to fill, and Danny and Conner to thank for making the DC Sports section what it is today. The meetings were always fun and light, and despite the pandemic, we were able to accomplish a lot this semester. We are both really appreciative of our sports editor duo, and wish them the best of luck in the future. 

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