Senior Column: Lesly Nerette

The author, then and now.

It felt like it took forever and a day, yet also only a few seconds, to get to where I am now. Maybe this isn’t the best way to describe how fast time runs away from you, but it’s a start. As a senior, I’m closing another chapter of my life and it’s bittersweet. But looking back, I wouldn’t have had these four years move any other way.

Being taught how to find my voice and who I am as an individual has been the greatest gift given to me at UConn. Being able to express myself freely through different outlets has been even better!

With this, I just want to thank all of you for giving me the time and opportunity to share a piece of me in your everyday life. I’ve enjoyed meeting, connecting and writing with not only The Daily Campus, but the UConn community as a whole. While my time with The Daily Campus was short, I’ve cherished every moment.

Beyond The Daily Campus, thank you all for loving me, and being so kind! Every individual I’ve met had a story to tell, and every day had a new experience to be had. This is everything that the younger version of myself always wanted. Through the good days, the bad and a previous environment that tried to dim my light, here I am writing to you with joy and gratitude in my heart. I will be forever grateful to you all.

To close, I just want to say that this is not the last you have seen of Lesly Nerette! This curtain may be closing, but there is a future to be had and I have the main role! Thank you once again UConn. Huskies forever!

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