What not to forget about UConn


As one of the most unexpected, dangerous and hectic and academic years winds to a close, The Daily Campus is still reflecting on everything we appreciate about the University of Connecticut. Here are some of the things we think you’ll need to remember about us, long after you’ve graduated:  

Harrison Raskin, OE: The wind. UConn Storrs’s architects designed the campus to maximize the wind, and you shouldn’t take that for granted. You may go many places in life, but rarely will you be able to say that you’re in a windier place. The wind has permanently built up your character, and you can always reflect back on how it tested you.

Katherine Jimenez, Weekly Columnist: Don’t forget The Daily Campus. Besides the fact that we have the largest circulation of any college paper in Connecticut, we’re a community. The writers, editors and all other members of our team make it possible for us to reach out to UConn students in ways other organizations can’t.

Anika Veeraraghav, AOE: The campus scenery in general and the beauty of it. Sure, UConn is essentially in the middle of nowhere but it has a lot of beauty, like the sunsets on Horsebarn Hill, the flowers blooming toward the end of spring semester and the way campus looks when it’s snowing. It’s definitely something a lot of us take for granted.

Sam Zelin, Weekly Columnist: The people. With the thousands of students, faculty and staff that inhabit the campus, UConn is a unique community. We all make so many great relationships here, and many of those will be with us for the rest of our lives. Cherish not only the people you get to take with you into your next phase of life, but also the memories that will always remind you of your time at Storrs.

Sharon Spaulding, Weekly Columnist: Don’t forget all the little things. Your shortcuts and daily routines. All the calculations in your head of how long it took to walk from point A to point B for every place you ever went. Everything you worried about as a freshman. The bus routes and what the old Student Admin looked like. The accumulation of fun facts about people whose names you barely remember from all the ice breakers over the years. The best snippets of conversations you overheard (accidentally, of course). The fact that you’re still graduating after only four years, even if you may have walked over the seal in the center of campus at least once. 

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