UConn football to face Wyoming 


It has not been a good season for the University of Connecticut football team.  

The team is currently sitting at 0-4, including a loss to FCS member Holy Cross. Most recently, it lost its second road game of the season to Army, a 52-21 loss that was impressive only because managed to keep the Black Knights from covering the 35-point spread.  

Wyoming, which is 3-0 and won its last game by 33 points, will go into this game as a 30.5 point favorite. And while it’s true that the Cowboys’ last game wasn’t exactly against a well-known team — Ball State University is no Alabama — this is still the UConn team that lost to Holy Cross, which lost to Merrimack. 

Wyoming’s quarterback, Sean Chambers, has averaged over 200 passing yards per game so far this season. Chambers has thrown four touchdowns to one interception, and he has scored another two touchdowns with his feet. 

UConn’s quarterback situation has felt a little like it could be summed up by saying, “Let’s put a bunch of names in a hat and see what happens.” The team is on its third quarterback in five games after a disappointing start to the season by Jack Zergiotis and Steven Krajewski’s sub-100-yard passing performance against Purdue. 

UConn’s new quarterback Tyler Phommachanh was perhaps one of just a few glimmers of hope last weekend. Phommachanh, a freshman from Stratford, Conn., was put in to replace both Zergiotis and Krajewski, who struggled in the first three games of the season. 

Now, UConn turns to a home game — the first for Phommachanh. Since the last home game for the Huskies ended in a 49-0 beatdown by Purdue, they will certainly be trying to put up at least a tiny bit more of a fight. This would be a good game for Phommachanh to show some life and manage a better performance than what his predecessors this season have put on. 

There are no games that are truly consequential for the Huskies this season; they’re a team without a permanent coach. They’re a team with three quarterbacks in a month, one of which — the running back with the fourth-most yards in UConn history — was demoted and replaced with a freshman. But, even just scoring a touchdown or keeping it close against an opponent would likely be seen as a win for hopeful fans. 

UConn will take on Wyoming at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Rentschler Field. The game will be broadcast on CBS. 

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