Hollieats: Favorite fall flavor, part two

Photo courtesy of Element5 Digital/Pexels

Last year, the Life section hosted a friendly debate about the flavor profile that best captures the essence of autumn. I was actually the one who pitched the idea, and never participated, so here are my two cents:  I pretty much love them all equally, so you’ll get to hear about all of them, including my favorite products that feature the flavor. I can’t tell if seasonal offerings are a blessing or a curse, because I might get sick of these flavors if they were offered year-round. Either way, let’s enjoy them while they’re here. 

Perfect pumpkin 

Love it or hate it, you can’t dispute that when pumpkin products start rolling into stores, fall is here. Sure, that means August in many establishments, but considering pumpkin is only offered a few months out of the year, I say let the people have their fun. Pumpkin is mid- to top-tier for me in the rankings, as most of the reason I like it is for the spices that accompany it: cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. I’ll always enjoy pumpkin-flavored things like pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie, but I’ll consider other options. Besides those two, try the pumpkin Belvita. 

Marvelous maple 

Maple isn’t usually cited in the classic fall flavor lineup, but it’s a favorite in my book. Whenever I see maple-flavored items at bakeries or for drinks, I have to try it. Sometimes, the maple isn’t as strong as I would like or tastes a bit artificial. But when places get it right, it tastes like an autumn afternoon. Try the maple pecan K-cups and the maple leaf cookies from Trader Joe’s.  

Charming cinnamon 

Spoiler alert: cinnamon is my favorite flavor profile. The good thing is you can add it to all of these offerings. Combined with nutmeg and clove, it’s such a comforting, classic yet complex flavor. And the smell is amazing! My favorite cinnamon product is cinnamon buns, especially variations like pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Not a food product, but cinnamon-scented candles are a great choice for a fall vibe in your room.  

Amazing apple 

There’s nothing more fall than apple picking. Apple orchards are magical: harvest some apples, buy some apple cider, apple cider donuts and apple pie. It’s a fun experience for you, friends or family. I don’t like actual apples, but I love the cinnamon spice apple products are always made with. I prefer apple crisp to apple pie, but honestly, you can’t go wrong if it’s freshly made.  

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