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Rapid Fire 10.4 

If we’re lucky in the Opinion section, we work through our beliefs completely and support them with great arguments. But sometimes, we don’t need a deeper reason to hold our convictions. Rapid Fire is for those tweet-length takes that can be explained in just a sentence or two — no more justification needed.   

This week, our writers tackled the burning question: What’s one thing you would change about UConn? 

Isadore Johnson: I speak for the interests of the student when I suggest that we should audit the Rec Center. We pay an extra $250 a semester for a gym that I know has not used its money wisely. Wonder where mental health funding went? Let’s take a closer look at some of the amenities. 

Kimia Monzavi: The dining halls close very early. I have a lab from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays, for example, and most of the dining halls close at 7:45 p.m. Even the two late night dining halls are only open until 10 p.m. 

Harrison Raskin, OE: Taking classes is very hard work, and my education is going to make someone else money when I graduate (assuming I find a job). So, UConn should start issuing a salary to me and every other hard working student here. I’d be happy to make minimum wage.  

Anika Veeraraghav, AOE: I would add some vegan or non-dairy options to the dairy bar ice cream menu. Whatever sorbet they have is fine, but some more Ben & Jerry’s-esque options would be nice. 

Maddie Papcun, WC: I would ensure that all the dining halls are serving yellow bananas instead of green ones. This is a super important issue to me; I don’t understand why some serve ripe bananas and others only ever have bananas that are green to the point of being inedible. (I’m looking at you, South.) 

Khadija Shaikh, WC: As a person of color, I find it difficult to pursue an “environmental” major that is white-washed and promotes colonialist mindsets, when it should prioritize intersectional environmentalism and radical love. It’s the same reason many people of color don’t find it comfortable to be in “natural” spaces or feel that their opinions about environmentalism are significant because the majority doesn’t feel comfortable being wrong. I would make it a priority to intentionally foster a welcoming and equitable community for students of color in historically white spaces here at UConn.  

Keegan Reck: I would handsomely subsidize the evangelical preacher that makes his way onto the UConn premises for his own campus event. The yelling fights and antics between him and students (freshman) have been more entertaining than any school sponsored activity so far! 

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