Students react to family weekend

10/09/2021 Jimmy O Yang Comedian and actor Jimmy O. Yang performs for a crowd of UConn parents and students in the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts during family weekend, Oct. 9, 2021. Jimmy joked about his girlfriend and how hard the dating scene is at the moment. He was able to elicit laughs from an engaged audience while refining his new material. (Photo by Kevin Lindstrom/Daily Campus)

University of Connecticut students had mixed reactions to UConn’s annual family weekend, which occurred Oct. 8 through 10. 

The event, which featured a parade, carnival and comedy show, aimed to welcome students’ visiting parents and family members.    

According to Amber Laskos, a first-semester biomedical engineering major, the weekend offered a nice change from the usual environment on campus. 

“It was pretty fun and I liked seeing so many people out and about during the weekend,” Laskos said. 

Laskos explained that during other weekends at UConn, the campus is, “dead because everyone is gone.” 

Laney Dunn, a first-semester political science major, identified Sunday’s carnival as the highlight of family weekend. 

“I think Sunday’s events were best by far,” Dunn said. “I really liked the carnival.” 

Dunn described the other days’ events as unremarkable, disappointed that activities were unstructured and not overly interesting. 

“The rest of the days were sort of boring and non-engaging,” she said. “It was kind of all fend for yourself, it didn’t have a lot of structure.” 

According to Janice Cheng, a third-semester applied and resource economics major, “I feel like they could’ve had slightly more stuff going on because we had nothing to do.” 

Jackson Caldwell, a first-semester chemical engineering major, was unimpressed by the weekend, especially because his family didn’t attend. 

“It was pretty lame,” Caldwell said. “It wasn’t nearly as fun if you didn’t have your parents here. A lot of the activities were family oriented so if your parents didn’t make the trip it was a pretty mediocre weekend.” 

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