UConn students want dining halls with quick lines, a good environment and berry patch juice

The renovated Whitney Dining Hall in East Campus has been open as of Labor Day, 2019. Photo courtesy of File Photos

This semester, University of Connecticut students had a variety of different answers as to which dining halls were their favorites, the most frequently cited being Whitney dining hall and Northwest dining hall.  

Olivia Marcella, a third-semester Spanish education major, chose Northwest because of their homemade-feeling meals and high-energy atmosphere.  

“It’s always full of people chatting and enjoying food and it makes eating in the dining hall feel like eating at home,” Marcella said.  

Helana Yawin, a third-semester political science and English double major, agreed that Northwest dining hall is her top choice because of the fast lines she can move through quickly.  

“There’s never a long line, so you get there really fast,” Yawin said.   

Julia Katsovich, a fifth-semester student, explained that her favorite dining hall was Whitney, despite its typically limited options. 

 “The ambiance is unmatched, their fruits are amazing. The selection isn’t that great, but their food always tastes so good and I like their little cafe area,” Katsovich said. “I love the music and their berry patch juice is amazing.”   

Morgan Tutt, a first-semester student, said Whitney is also her top choice because of its omelet bar.  

“I really like them on the weekend for brunch,” Tutt said.   

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