Introducing: UConn Ask Me About it

Pictured is a question made with white pills against a yellow background. “Ask Me About It” is for people who want to submit questions in hopes of getting a judgement-free answer. Photo credits to Anna Shvets

Hello there Huskies, and welcome to a new column from The Daily Campus: UConn Ask Me About It! I’m “Homie B,” your anonymous advice-giver for any and every question on your mind. Trust me, at some point in our UConn experience we’ve all cried silently between the unread stacks of books in the library. I may or may not know from experience. The chaos of student life is just too much sometimes, between worrying about your future, figuring out your identity, navigating sex and relationships, maintaining friendships and trying not to disappoint your parents too much. 

But there’s no need to fear. I’m here to answer whatever questions you have about how to survive these four years of craziness, and no questions are too stupid, too simple or too saucy.  

Maybe you need some instruction for telling your parents that you’re switching your major from pre-med to communications (Bio 1107 really does it for everyone). Maybe you could use some help with confronting your roommate about their snack stealing habits. Or perhaps you need some guidance for figuring out how to tell your significant other what you want in the bedroom. If we’re being honest, high school sex-ed just didn’t cut it for a lot of us. I’m here to fill in the gaps. Even if you think your question is too personal or too silly, I want to hear it all, UConn. As your honorary older sibling, tell me about it! 

Submit your questions to this anonymous form. You will be required to use your UConn email to access the form but all submissions are anonymous (no email will be collected from the response). I truly won’t be able to tell who you are. Submit anything you please and responses will be published online and in-print on Mondays all semester. If your submission doesn’t make the Monday the week after you submit, check the following week’s edition. I’ll look forward to hearing from you! 

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