Why you should write for the opinion section 

As spring semester continues, students are looking for ways to get involved on campus, and being a part of The Daily Campus is a fantastic way to get engaged. Writing for the opinion section specifically can help to make your voice heard on any opinion ranging from politics to interior design critiques. Illustration by Krista Mitchell/The Daily Campus

Spring semester is well underway at the University of Connecticut, and many students are looking for ways to get involved on campus. The Daily Campus offers the perfect opportunity to those who love writing. There is no experience required to join and all students are welcome to write for one of the paper’s four sections. Earlier last semester we wrote that every section of The Daily Campus has something to offer. Now, however, we’ll focus on why Opinion is an especially cool section to be a part of. 

Let’s face it – the opinion section has a reputation for attracting a certain type of person. Namely, uber-opinionated people. But you don’t have to be in the Philosophy Society, watch C-SPAN, or be the type of person who enjoyed high-school debate to write for Opinion. The opinion section is a space for anybody who has a stance that they want to make heard, not just debate-lovers and chronic critical thinkers. 

The variety of topics that you can write about for Opinion are endless. At The Daily Campus we’ve had opinion pieces that range from interior design critiques, to calls for defunding the university police. If you care about something, the opinion section wants to read it. The paper is a resource for you to make your voice heard. With help from our editors (three of which are on the editorial board), you can publish your thoughts in-print and online in a real media organization. 

Having published writing is not only a great thing to add to your resume, but it’s also an invaluable experience. Writers for Opinion learn the craft of research by finding evidence to support their arguments. They get to practice explaining and defending their stances against critique from editors and other section members. Most importantly, they learn to cooperate with a team of people to produce an amazing product for our audience to enjoy. 

The Daily Campus opinion section is a place for conversation, questioning and fun. The opportunity to meet once a week with a diverse group of people to discuss what’s on your mind is one that you shouldn’t pass up as long as you’re at UConn. 

To join and write for the section attend the opinion section meeting at 5 p.m. on Sunday nights. Email opinion@dailycampus.com for the virtual meeting link and more information! 

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