Mobilizing for the climate crisis


Climate change is a multifaceted topic that doesn’t just end with putting your cans and bottles in the recycling bin. Season two of the “Save the Earth” podcast will work with UConn Praxis to learn about the intersectionalities between environmental and activist work. Mehdi Namazi, an eighth-semester student double majoring in political science and history and the season two host of the podcast, he gives us an inside look at “Save the Earth” and upcoming goals for its next season.  

“I would say these discussions are super important because they not only provide a basis for understanding environmental work, but we have a huge emphasis on intersectionality with other social issues, which is so important in activist work and just to have a better understanding of other people’s perspectives,” Namazi said. 

In season one of “Save the Earth” podcast, Ben Albee, a sixth-semester student double majoring in political science and environmental studies, discussed the intersectionalities climate change creates with guest speakers. Some topics in season one include environmental journalism and climate justice.  

The podcast began in 2020 with a focus on local climate justice. Speakers discussed what might prevent someone from making more environmentally-friendly choices. The show featured guests like study body president Mason Holland, president of UConn Collaborative Organizing B Diaz, economics professor Nishtih Prakash and photojournalism professor Steven Smith to discuss how climate change may impact communities on a local and international scale.  

“There were a lot of unexpected learning curves with the podcasting production aspect but the most interesting things I learned were from the people we interviewed,” Albee said. “Namely, our first guest B Diaz spoke about being an activist as a necessary survival tool in this world facing colonialism, imperialism and the climate crisis.” 

In the upcoming season, Mehdi will use the knowledge disseminated in season one to collaborate with UConn Praxis and form action plans. Additionally, the podcast will focus on the dangers of consumerism on the environment and the impact lawns can have on the climate. Season two is now run by the Sustainable Skies campaign. The Sustainable Skies campaign is a new organization within Praxis that hopes to actively engage with the UConn community to create change through education and action, such as making bikes more accessible and slowly banning plastic from campus.  

“The most important thing I’ve learned from engaging in other environmental awareness activities is that change is most effective when you act locally, thinking globally,” Albee said. “This podcast gives UConn students an opportunity to see what the uconn environmental community is thinking about. It’s a unique way to get involved by understanding where the local climate movement is coming from.” 

“Save the Earth” was created so UConn’s environmental activists could shed light on climate change. UConn Praxis sponsors a wide range of job and internship opportunities to allow for environmental advocacy. The podcast is open for anyone to join and share ideas with about informing about and taking action on the climate crisis. 

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