Memorable sex & dating stories from the UConn population


The Daily Campus conducts an annual Valentine’s Day survey of UConn students. These are some of the things people identified as some of the most memorable sex or dating moments.

  • I brought them to all you can eat sushi after they told me they love sushi, and they ended up only getting a miso soup (most expensive miso soup of all time)
  • I asked a girl if she had a boyfriend, she said yes, I said ‘darn because I wanted to take you on a date,’ and then she broke up with him
  • We both were extremely loud about our flirting (we’re long distance, we met online through a shared interest, so we also had other friends watching us from a distance), and we were both suffering from the sapphic “I don’t know if she’s just being friendly or flirting” thing, and also the “I think she’s flirting but I don’t want to be too presumptuous thing.” We were the last ones to know we liked each other and I think it’s really sweet. She confessed at 11 PM her time and 2 AM my time, and I was up til 5 AM talking to her and I don’t regret a single thing.
  • Oral in my car but hes tall so he doesn’t fit
  • I once dated a girl that went to the same church as my family and her mom would quiz me on scripture!
  • One time I went on a first date with a guy from Bumble, and I knew I wasn’t going to be interested as soon as I saw him outside the restaurant but I didn’t want to be rude so we went to dinner. I was right and wasn’t feeling it and then he asked me what my favorite crusade was… as in the Roman Crusades, his is the ninth. I left that date so early. 
  • I lost my virginity to my ex in the middle of Central Park in broad daylight. My current gf lost her virginity to me and almost got caught by my parents. She had to hide inside my closet.
  • The window blind wouldn’t stop flying up while we were in the act
  • some guy from tinder came into my dorm on a date and brought beef jerky as a snack then told me how he liked this porn star, is in love with some other girl, put on gordon ramsey, then said I was “a good listener” 
  • Once I had sex with Avatar the last airbender playing in the background. I think it was the episodes where they meet Bumi and I remember halfway through the act I heard “MY CABBAGES” and I was trying so hard not to laugh while still going at it. 
  • A guy wrote me a multiple page essay with sources (and citations) about why we should have sex
  • Nobody has fucked me harder than UConn.
  • his car was at 0 miles, all the gas stations closed and I had to Uber home halfway 
  • Lets just say the glow in the dark condoms from the Glove Box program really work. #lightsabersex
  • We met on the app Houseparty. He lives abroad and it was during COVID. I had a flight for study abroad about two months later but that got canceled and pushed off another seven months. Nine months later I went abroad, and we first met in person. Fast forward two years and we’re married and living abroad! Such a wild ride. 
  • One time i went on a first date with a dude where we went on a walk in 90 degree weather, and when i told him i wouldn’t have sex with him in the woods as a joke he became completely silent for the rest of the walk and left… dude wanted to have sex in the woods.  
  • My hearing aid died during sex while he was whispering to me in my ear 
  • One time I was sucking my boyfriends dick while he was standing and when he was finishing he didn’t realize how far back in there it was and basically he choked me with his cum and I coughed it out everywhere
  • One time we we had “The Lorax” on and during the act, we heard the song “Let It Grow” and couldn’t stop laughing
  • My boyfriend is prone to nosebleeds so sex turns into a literal bloodbath once in a while! He gets embarrassed every time but I just laugh.
  • One time after I had sex with this dude he pulled out his guitar and started playing a song. I was still naked in his bed and he was playing pretty badly so I went on my phone. He told me to put my phone down and watch him. He then started singing too. 


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