UConn Law Society establishing Undergrad Law Journal  

The UConn Law campus in Hartford, CT. The UConn Law Society, a group that works to help undergraduate law students prepare for law school and advance their experience is starting an Undergrad Law Journal in April. Picture courtesy of Jb727/Wikimedia Commons.

The UConn Law Society is establishing an Undergrad Law Journal with the first edition set to be published on April 1. 

The UConn Undergrad Law Journal allows UConn undergraduate students from any major to submit papers about law-related topics of interest to them.  

Riley Morrill, UConn Law Society journal editor, cited the lack of undergraduate journals for students interested in law as the reason for the journal’s creation. 

“The law society had seen that other disciplines like political science had journals, but there was nowhere for students interested in the law to publish their writing,” Morrill said via email. “Thus, the idea came about to start the Law Journal and provide a place where students interested in legal topics can write and read about what is important to them.” 

This year, they received 12 submissions varying in length from a diverse range of topics such as juries to laws involving big agriculture. 

Sam Dorman, UConn Law Society secretary, expects there to be both physical and digital publishing, he noted via email. 

While the deadline to submit an article has already passed, there is always next year for anyone interested. 

“Unfortunately the deadline for this year’s journal has already passed. We would love to have anyone who has an idea submit next year though.”

Riley Morrill, UConn Law Society journal editor.

For more information about the UConn Undergraduate Law Journal or about the UConn Law Society, contact uconnlawsociety@gmail.com to join the email list. They currently meet virtually, on Tuesdays at 5 p.m., with anyone welcome to join. 


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