Bagel Zone to move due to construction project

Signatures from the UConn women’s basketball team are proudly displayed at Bagel Zone. The bagel shop has been serving University of Connecticut students for almost 20 years but is looking to relocate after a construction project.

Bagel Zone Cafe & Grill, a bagel shop part of Storrs’ Four Corners, is looking to relocate after real estate developer Haven Communities announced a construction project that would affect Bagel Zone and several other businesses at Four Corners.  

The construction will involve seven new buildings, a five-story parking deck and paved surface parking areas, according to a statement.  

Bagel Zone has been serving University of Connecticut students for almost 20 years, says owner Susan Green.  

“This [construction] project that’s going on here has got me very sad,” Green said. “I’ve been part of UConn for just about 20 years.”  

Green said she knew Bagel Zone’s location would eventually be sold and need to relocate, but she didn’t think it would happen so suddenly.  

“We kind of knew the plaza was for sale … but we didn’t expect it to really just sell,” Green said.  

The spot Bagel Zone is looking to move to is under Huskies Tavern at 134 North Eagleville Road in Storrs, which is where a Dunkin’ Donuts used to be.  

According to Green, the location is ideal but lacks a hood, which is a filtration system used in kitchens to remove heat and smoke.  

“If we don’t have the hood system, we can’t fry eggs, we can’t make hash browns, we can’t make anything without that hood.”  

Bagel Zone has set up a GoFundMe to assist with hood system costs.  

“We love it here in Mansfield and would hate to close forever, all because we can’t raise the money we need,” Green said.  

While happy to be staying in the Mansfield area, Green is especially sad to relocate due to the history associated with the current Bagel Zone location. Thousands of UConn athletes have signed their [names] on the walls over the years, according to Green.  

“Our walls here at Bagel Zone are covered in UCONN athletes’ signatures,” Green said on the GoFundMe page. “A lot of alumni have come back to Bagel Zone just to see their signature on the wall!”  

More information and updates regarding Bagel Zone’s move can be found on the cafe’s Facebook and Instagram pages.  


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