Mansfield Historical Society receives major funding

The Mansfield Old Town Hall building was built in 1843. The Mansfield Historical Society is receiving over $800,000 in governmental funding to restore this building as well as the Mansfield Town Office Building. Photo courtesy of:

The Mansfield Historical Society is receiving over $800,000 in governmental funding to restore two historic buildings. 

The usage of the funding will be focused on restoring the Mansfield Old Town Hall building and the Mansfield Town Office Building. The town hall was built in 1843, while the town office building was built in 1935, according to a press release. Both buildings have faced weathering and erosion over time.  

State representatives and senators announced their excitement regarding funding and the necessity of the renovations that are now possible. Connecticut state representative Gregg Haddad spoke on the importance of restoring the buildings and the process that allowed the funding to become a reality.   

“People that live in Mansfield have known for some time that these buildings are in need of some repair,” Haddad said in a FaceTime interview. “The historical society in 2017 did an assessment to see what work was most necessary. Those estimates came to hundreds of thousands of dollars.” 

The renovations will target structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixes. Haddad emphasized the importance of ensuring that, at a minimum, the buildings will receive the structural fixes needed to stand soundly.  

“The buildings will be strictly sound, which is what we’re really hoping to resolve,” Haddad said. “Over the years, the climate has hurt the building — that is the root of the problem. But, in general the buildings need some help. The buildings have a collection of Mansfield artifacts that they house there.”  

The funding provided will be enough to complete all the needed fixes for the two buildings. 

“I am thrilled that the Town of Mansfield and the Mansfield Historical Society will get the funding needed to aid with the upkeep and renovations of two of Mansfield’s historical buildings,” Haddad said. 

Haddad filed the request for the funding. However, he worked alongside many volunteers and government officials to move the process along and make it a reality.  

“This has been a team effort, and I’m glad to have helped get this project the attention it deserves,” Haddad said. 

Other senators mentioned the historical significance of the buildings being restored.  

“The history maintained at the Mansfield Historical Society is an incredible asset to our community. The staff and volunteers work so diligently to preserve this history and make it accessible to all,” state senator Mae Flexer said.  

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