Dean Daugherty discusses listening, masking in email to students

The Dean of Students Eleanor J. Daugherty, in her email today, stressed the importance of meaningful communication between students and faculty. Source:

University of Connecticut Dean of Students Eleanor JB Daugherty stressed the importance of listening and responding to others’ thoughts and feelings in an email sent to students Wednesday afternoon.  

“With so many things coming at us every day, we need to pick and choose what matters,” Daugherty wrote. “But the more I look up from my email or my Twitter feed, the more I realize there is LOTS to say and a need to listen HARDER.”  

Daugherty said that listening to UConn students allows her to learn and “inform thoughtful action in [her] role.”  

“We are a complex and caring community,” she added. “I hope that we all take time to dig deep, listen first with our hearts, and seek to be better.”  

Daugherty then referenced the university policies, posting policies and Student Code of Conduct, reminding students that however helpful these resources may be, they “rarely resolve the underlying, unspoken feelings that express themselves through hurtful words and actions.”  

Daugherty also expressed concern regarding the increase in COVID-19 cases in the past couple of weeks. She told students that masks will continue to be required in all classrooms and workspaces, as well as at indoor gatherings of over 100 people.  

“This week is not much worse, but not much better,” she said. “We will continue to mask in academic settings (yes, all classrooms, not just large ones) and all workspaces. We will also mask during large indoor events (over 100).”  

In an email to the UConn community Friday, Daugherty and university provost Carl Lejuez announced that masking would again be required for all indoor instructional settings, workspaces and events exceeding 100 individuals at all UConn campuses.  

The most important thing to do amid the rise in COVID-19 and flu cases, according to Daugherty, is to wear a mask.  

Daugherty then told students that the last Advisory Group meeting of the semester is taking place Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in Room 203 of the Wilbur Cross building. Additional information regarding the meeting can be found on the Dean of Students website.  

“This meeting is an opportunity to learn more from students about how we can be helpful to you in your work leading and supporting peers,” she said. “Many of you have shared that you feel a need to support the mental health of your friends, groups, and organizations.”  

Daugherty concluded her email by reminding students to care for their health and well-being, and to ask for help if they need it.  

“I’m looking forward to the days ahead and continuing to care for our health and well-being as an incredible semester comes to a close,” she added. “Ask for help if you need it; we’re all here for you.”  

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