Roundtable: Which sports franchise has been the unluckiest since 2000? 


Since the Daily Campus writers have been alive (roughly since 2000), there’s been a lot of sports franchises that have been unlucky. Over the past 22 years, plenty of teams haven’t been able to right the ship in a variety of ways, whether it comes in the form of a playoff drought, internal struggles or a combination of both. But who has been the unluckiest? Could it be the Lions, who have had a 35% winning percentage since 2000? How about the Mariners, who haven’t made the MLB postseason since 2001? Our team of writers have their takes: 

New York Mets 

Evan Rodriguez 
Staff Writer 

After starting off the millennium by losing in a World Series matchup with the crosstown New York Yankees, the New York Mets have certainly not been very lucky. Despite reaching the World Series twice, in 2000 and 2015, they have not been able to secure much success since the start of the millennium. The team witnessed controversy with Bernie Madoff and failed to finally acquire their first ring since the days of Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden. The cherry on top of the Mets’ failure? Look no further than the team’s wRC+ in 2020, which ranked ahead of teams like the 1976 Cincinnati Reds and 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers. Both teams secured rings, but where did the Mets finish that year? The team couldn’t even make the playoffs, which had 16 total teams that year. While the Mets may just turn their fortune around this season with a scary pitching staff and plenty of talent around their field, there’s no doubt that they have been a victim of bad fortune since 2000. 

Buffalo Sabres 

Cole Stefan 
Staff Writer 

“LOLMets” may be eternal, but being a Buffalo Sabres fan is just as unfortunate. The Sabres have not made the playoffs since 2011, when they lost in the first round to the Philadelphia Flyers. After Dominik Hasek was traded in 2001, the Sabres transitioned to Martin Biron and then Ryan Miller behind the crease and made four playoff appearances. It goes beyond their playoff history, as when they had the second overall pick in 2014, the Sabres passed on Leon Draisaitl for Sam Reinhart. Reinhart is having a career year with the Florida Panthers, but Draisaitl has a Hart Trophy and three 100-point seasons while working alongside Connor McDavid. Last season, the Sabres lost 18 straight games while finishing the 56-game season at 15-34-7 with 37 points. Sabres’ fans have had it rough over the last 10 years, but young stars like Rasmus Dahlin and Owen Power give the team a promising future. If they turn into busts, then the ever-lasting cycle of pain will continue in Western New York. 

OKC Thunder 

Stratton Stave 
Staff Writer 

Is there a team in NBA history with so much talent on a roster and so few accolades to show for it as the Oklahoma City Thunder? Probably not. In 2012, the Thunder had three of the next six MVP winners. Two of those players won the award while playing in OKC. Despite this, all they have to show for it is one finals appearance where they lost to the Heat in five games. They later made the Western Conference finals after James Harden was gone, but blew a 3-1 lead to the historically good Golden State Warriors. This prompted Durant to leave, and although the Thunder have had great players on their roster since, such as Chris Paul and Paul George, their success has been slim. They have been incredibly unlucky in the amount of tangible accolades they have collected in comparison to their roster.  

New York Jets 

Jonathan Synott 
Sports Editor 

Sensing a theme with the New York teams? Bad draft picks, whiffs on free agents and personnel turnover have riddled this franchise for quite some time now. One very unlucky thing about the Jets is their proximity to Foxboro, where they’ve been the punching bag for the Patriots since Tom Brady first arrived on the scene. Even after Brady left, the Pats have maintained a 12-game winning streak against their little brothers, contributing to a 31-10 record since 2000. Every year, there seems to be some misfortunes with the Jets, whether it’s leading the league in injuries, having free agents decommit or hiring a head coach who was selected based on one successful year with an already established, Hall of Fame quarterback. New York keeps whiffing on its quarterback picks as well, telling fans to buy into rebuilding situations, only to squander potential and rebuild yet again. This franchise, much like the butt-fumble play that it’s still associated with, is comedically unfortunate. 

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