Rapid Fire: What’s the best study spot on campus?

Night photos of students walking along Fairfield Way with the Homer Babbidge Library in the background.

If we’re lucky in the Opinion section, we work through our beliefs completely and support them with great arguments. But sometimes, we don’t need a deeper reason to hold our convictions. Rapid Fire is for those tweet-length takes that can be explained in just a sentence or two — no more justification needed.   

In this Rapid Fire, writers gave their opinions on the question: What’s the best study spot on campus? 

Harrison, Opinion Editor: Without competition, the secret catacomb network under Storrs. The cobwebs and moss make sure the atmosphere is perfectly cool and not too damp, and the skulls of old students provide surprisingly nice acoustics. The only hard part is finding one of the entrances.  

Anika, Associate Opinion Editor: When the weather is nice, the picnic tables near Wilson are good places to study. There’s enough shade so that it’s not too hot and you get some Vitamin D while being productive. 

Maddie, Weekly Columnist: I have to agree with Anika: When the weather is nice, studying outdoors is the way to go, 100%. My personal favorite spot is in a hammock in the little park near South Campus; there’s nothing like studying while suspended between two trees. 

Carson, Weekly Columnist: The fourth floor of Babbidge Library is the way to go. It’s really quiet, and both sides (North and South) provide a great view of campus. If you want more privacy or to study with friends, you can book one of the group study rooms up there as well. 

Keegan, Contributor: The best study spot on campus has to be [redacted]. 

Nell, Staff Writer: If you’re like me, studying doesn’t exactly come easily. The cacophony of daily life and the sheer size of campus makes hunkering down and hitting the books a tough task. Sometimes, all you need is a snug environment paired with the low background buzz of your peers. I guess what I’m try to say is that the best place to study on campus is in your walls. 

Owen: Whitney dining hall is by far the superior study spot. The vibes are immaculate, its skylight and abundance of plants make it easy on the eyes, and you have access to some halfway-decent food. Not to mention it’s nestled in the heart of East campus, allowing one to pretend they go to a small, Ivy-esque liberal arts college (like we all wish UConn was).  

Riya, Contributor: My productivity heavily depends on my environment, and the School of Pharmacy is the type of glass box building that I love to work in. It has a cozy space with spacious high-top tables so you can spread your stuff out. The sunset is arguably the best time for to enjoy the warm and quiet atmosphere. Stepping into the new engineering and science plaza will make you feel like you’re on a whole different campus. I highly recommend at least one visit to the pharmacy building, if only to check out the hanging glass spiral art installation!  

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