Managing your mental health on campus  


As you enter college and begin your new life here at the University of Connecticut, it is important to remember to take care of both yourself and your mental health. College can be stressful for any student, but it can be especially daunting as an incoming freshman. Below are some tips to help you navigate campus as you make this new transition.  

Reach Out to Mental Health Services on Campus  

UConn has a multitude of resources to support students’ mental health. By contacting the Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) office, you can access the support of licensed clinicians and nutrition services. There are also numerous student support groups on campus if you are looking for peer support. I recommend checking out the UConn Recovery Community — a group that provides peer support to those seeking recovery from substance use disorders and/or other mental and behavioral health disorders.  

Get Active!  

In times of stress, many students find that physical activity actually provides great relief. Stop by UConn’s recently developed Student Recreation Center and you will find a large array of exercise equipment and facilities. Some of my favorite facilities include the climbing center and the mind/body studio. Check out the UConn Rec website to sign up for weekly fitness classes, such as yoga or strength training. Whatever your fitness interests are, the UConn Rec Center is sure to deliver!  

Join Clubs and Organizations 

When I entered my freshman year, at first I found myself lost. At such a large school, it can be hard to find your niche. Joining clubs and groups around campus helped me find some of my best friends. If Greek Life interests you, perhaps you will find your home at one of the 40 plus fraternities and sororities on campus. UConn offers a group for almost every interest you can think of. Interested in journalism? The Daily Campus is always looking for new writers! If you’re interested in music, one of UConn’s many student performance groups might be the place for you. Do you like sports, but aren’t up for the commitment of being a student athlete? UConn offers a ton of intramural sports such as soccer and even ultimate frisbee. With more than 800 registered clubs and organizations, there is truly something for everyone at UConn. 

Spend Time Outside  

During a busy semester, sometimes nature can help us unwind. UConn’s campus is beautiful during any season but fall has always been my favorite at Storrs. As the leaves change into vibrant colors, a walk around campus always helps me de-stress. On warmer days you’ll find most students sprawled out on the green in front of the Student Union. If you’re looking for a nice spot outdoors to study, I recommend the patio at the Union or the Benton. If you have some spare time I’d suggest taking a walk through the greenhouse by the pharmacy building. Looking for a spot to watch the glorious sunset in Storrs? Head to the top of Horsebarn Hill, and get some Dairy Bar ice cream while you’re at it! Make sure to spend some time outside this semester, and appreciate all the beauty Storrs has to offer.  

Entering a new chapter in your life can be scary. But staying on top of your mental health can make a world of difference. Make sure to utilize all the resources UConn has. Our staff and students all want to make sure that your transition here is as smooth as can be. By joining clubs, taking care of your wellbeing and reaching out for help when you need it, you can make this the best four years of your life. Welcome to UConn, Class of 2026! 


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