Avoiding burnout in college  

A group of students studies outside. According to Bonilla, studying outside of your dorm can limit distractions. Photo courtesy of unsplash.com

As the semester begins to pick up, so will the challenges that you are faced with in both classes and social life. This time can be stressful for all, but freshmen may struggle even more. You are still beginning to come out of the relaxed fog of summer break, and at the same time, your classes are picking up in pace and workload. At times, it can all feel very overwhelming. Below are some tips to help you along the way, especially when it comes to avoiding burnout.  

Take Breaks 

Try not to study for extended periods of time. If you are on the eighth hour of a long study or homework session, it may be time to take a break. Studies have shown that taking breaks during your study session will actually benefit you in the long run, allowing you to retain more information. Get out of your dorm and go for a walk, or grab some food at the dining hall with friends. By giving yourself a break, you will be able to better handle your academic responsibilities.  

Don’t Study in Your Dorm  

During my freshman year at the height of COVID-19, I fell into a sticky situation. I had a dorm to myself due to the pandemic, and often opted to study in my room as opposed to the library or the union. I thought I was being productive by locking myself away to focus on work, but in reality, I was hindering my progress. Being in my room provided me with a ridiculous amount of distractions, and halfway through my study sessions I often found myself caught up with folding laundry or watching Netflix. Don’t study in your dorm! It may work for a little bit, but it will almost always backfire. Get out, get yourself a coffee and study in the library. Make sure to visit where there’s plenty of quiet space and time to focus.  

Have fun!  

One of the biggest mistakes I made while stuck in the grind of school was not carving out time for fun. I was so focused on academics that I forgot to see friends or go to events. School is obviously a big part of college life — but it’s not the end all be all. The point of college is to do your best and to have fun. Make time to hang out with friends and find something new to do. More often than not, there’s always at least one event happening on campus, whether that be UConn Late Night, or even the UConn Swap Shop. There’s plenty to do, and by making time to enjoy yourself, you can effectively avoid the burnout that comes with college.  

Juggling school, work or club commitments is no easy task. At times, the demand of college life can seem like all too much for one person to handle. By using these tips, you can make the most of your time at University of Connecticut while keeping yourself happy, healthy and well-rounded in all aspects of your life.  

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