Roundtable: If you could have any other position at The Daily Campus, what would it be?

The Daily Campus, founded in 1896, is a student-run newspaper at the University of Connecticut. Some of The Daily Campus editors discuss what title they would want, if not the one they already have. File photo/The Daily Campus

Knowledge, skills and love for the newspaper are what got us our roles. But what if that criteria was thrown out the window and instead, we were able to choose a different title? In that case, here’s what some of our editors would’ve done. 

Sam Zelin, Managing Editor 

If I could have any other job at the DC, I’d have to go with being a delivery driver. The first reason is that I wake up at randomly early hours anyway, so the timing wouldn’t be a problem. Second, I think campus looks absolutely beautiful at dawn, so having a reason to get up and drive around at that time would be really cool. Finally, without delivery drivers, there is no reason to do any of the things we do to make the paper! Considering all of the jobs I’ve had at the DC –which have fallen into either a writing or production category – if the papers never went out to all the places they go on campus, none of the work I’ve done would ever get seen. 

I’ve had the privilege of getting to deliver papers twice in my time here — once for last year’s graduation issue and once for this year’s freshman issue — and both times I’ve had fun! It’s certainly not the easiest work, as those stacks of papers are a lot harder to carry than they look, but it’s really fulfilling once you’re done in my opinion. Shoutout to all our delivery drivers for getting it done every morning! 

Esther Ju, Life Editor 

As much as I enjoy my time as Life Editor, imagining myself pursuing another DC venture can be just as enjoyable. For example, the outcome of me being appointed Sports Editor instead. Had that happened, the integrity of the section – and quite possibly the paper as a whole – would have been severely compromised. Not to mention that I would have contributed to the possible downfall of a 126-year-old publication. 

No, my impractical visions do not involve manning a different section. However, I do sometimes wonder what it would have been like to be Managing Editor. 

By no means am I coming for Sam or Janella’s positions. Knowing the busy nature of their schedules (supervising production nights Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to midnight, among other responsibilities), I would quite literally eat my backpack before having that job. If possible, I’d rather just try it for a day. I’ve experienced a fair share of the production process already – copy editing and page designing – and I figure the basic qualifications for the position are met. Unfortunately, the key skills I lack are willpower and the ability to function properly past 12 a.m. Therefore, it’s probably for the best that I continue doing what I do. 

The Daily Campus strives to provide the UConn community with fair, accurate, relevant and editorially independent content, to take on student interests as our own interests, and to provide the best possible environment for students to learn, experience and develop skills related to news media. File photo/The Daily Campus

Janella Briones, Associate Managing Editor 

Managing Editor, obviously. I want Sam’s desk – it’s closer to the window than mine and I would love to keep some plants. Kidding Sam, I prefer my view of Kevin Jonas’ face taped to the wall in my direct line of sight. 

I would honestly love to be one of the staff artists. When I first applied to the Daily Campus as a designer, I did so wanting to have an outlet for creativity in my life. I have design to thank for the position I have today, and while it is still my favorite thing to do at work, designing the newspaper’s pages and creating digital comics are two very different creative outlets. Last year, I drew a few comics for the art section, drawing being something I rarely did as a designer. I had tons of fun illustrating for the section and would contribute more if not for my schedule. It took me only a few hours to make one comic, though I do tend to take my time. I’m sure with much more experience, I would have eventually worked up to finishing in a reasonable timespan.  

Our artists are just a really talented and cool community. And if you are reading this thinking, “Wow, I should illustrate for the Daily Campus because it sounds like a fun opportunity and Janella made a great pitch,” well, you should and still can (meetings on Sundays at 10 p.m.)! 

Joanne Biju, Associate Life Editor 

You know how little kids always want the most outlandish jobs? They want to be ice cream tasters or roller coaster testers, not managing editors — unless you have a particularly ambitious child on your hands. So, to put a creative twist on the prompt, if I were to have any other position at the DC, I’d probably invent my own role. 

Sports sure doesn’t need me and my indecisive nature would hardly be a good fit for the assertive souls of Opinion. I’d make an awful News editor; instead of spreading the news about security issues or presidential appointments, I’d probably advocate for a piece about the latest Netflix book-to-movie adaptation. Thus, I hereby declare myself the official DC barista.  

This summer, I learned how to operate an espresso machine and it has been an absolute game changer. The DC doesn’t need to invest in a new Mac for its incredibly hardworking designers and copyeditors, it needs to invest in a coffee bar.  

I would whip up all kinds of fun drinks and the aroma of lavender and pumpkin would waft through the building. Plus, all that caffeine would provide our production team with an extra boost of energy for their late-night shifts. Not to mention the extravagant latte art I am most definitely capable of creating. Envision little foam huskies floating atop each drink!  

As a bona fide mug collector, I am perhaps overly passionate about drinkware. But, just imagine a designated mug, handpicked for each of our staff. How iconic would that be? If I were to ever hang up my hat and bid the Life section adieu, you best believe I’m sliding on an apron instead; the DC barista is at your service.  


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