Charlie Puth turns his personality into melody on his new album ‘Charlie’ 


Pop singer and songwriter Charlie Puth launched his self-titled third studio album “Charlie” on Oct. 7, 2022, delighting listeners with upbeat songs that reveal his true feelings. Featuring 12 tracks, “Charlie” is a collection of songs in which Puth expresses how he feels after a breakup. Sarcasm, dignity and loyalty are some of the topics explored throughout the album.   

“Charlie” comes four years after the launch of “Voicenotes” in May of 2018. Puth originally intended to launch the album at the beginning of 2020.  

However, Puth took to Twitter to share that he had decided to scrap it. 

“None of the music felt real. It’s almost like I was trying to be too cool in a way. That’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while,” he tweeted. 

 After working on his album for over a year, Puth confirmed the official release date of “Charlie” via Instagram in January of 2022.  

The album’s title was confirmed in January of 2022 during an interview with Vogue when Charlie stated that it was his most personal album to date.   

“It’s like a self-titled album but I never had a chance to put out music that is like truly me and every song is just like my personality with some melody attached to it,” Charlie said in the interview, explaining why he named the album after himself.  

Many of the songs featured in “Charlie” were teased through Puth’s social media accounts where he frequently filmed the recording process from his home studio.  

The album’s lead single, “Light Switch” was released in January and  currently stands as his most popular song on Spotify. On the date of its release, “Light Switch” reached No. 6 on Spotify in the United States, garnering over  750,000 plays in less than 24 hours. The song also placed 11th in the global ranking with 2,767,221 million plays. It is by far the most popular song on the album. 

Other acclaimed songs include “Left and Right” featuring South Korean singer Jung Kook which hit No. 1 on iTunes Top Songs charts in more than twenty countries including the United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and France. Its music video had more than 10 million views within 12 hours of its release. The song is famous for its lines about memories of a former lover and how Puth can’t seem to shake them off his mind.  

Another popular song featured in “Charlie” is his single “That’s Hilarious” which masks heartbreak with sarcasm and positioned No. 13 on iTunes Top Songs charts for five consecutive days. Songs like “Charlie Be Quiet!” and “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” can be seen as Puth’s inner voice lecturing himself about relationships and heartbreaks.  

To this date, “Charlie” ranks as one of Puth’s most popular albums of his career, in which he reveals to fans a never-before-seen side of himself.   

Rating: 5/5 

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