The Women’s Center body project event begins tonight

A banner hangs outside of the Women’s Center, located in the Student Union to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the program at UConn. The Women’s Center is hosting a two-part event focusing on body positivity on Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 from 7-8pm in the Women’s Center Multipurpose Room. File photo/The Daily Campus

The University of Connecticut’s Women’s Center is hosting a two-part event with a focus on positive body image tonight beginning at 7 p.m. in the Women’s Center Multipurpose Room. 

The Body Project event will run for two hours and be composed of a series of interactive workshops and conversations, the Associate Director of the Women’s Center Kathy Fischer said.  

“It is a very interactive workshop. There are three facilitators who will run their own workshops within the event as a whole,” Fischer said. “There are two workshops that will be happening a week from one another. There’s a lot of talking and bonding that will happen during the event.”  

The event’s goal is to emphasize and create affirming positive body image within oneself no matter what your body looks like, a post in the Daily Digest said. 

“It is a workshop geared towards looking at the societal standards for body image and what the quote and unquote ideal body is supposed to look at and ways that we can challenge that,” Fischer said. 

The event will look at societal standards of the ideal body and curate discussions among participants about ways to confront the damaging effects of those standards, a post in the Daily Digest said. 

The Women’s Center was created for women; however, Fischer said this event and any others are always open to anyone. 

“It’s targeted for anybody. The event is not just for women, even though we do primarily see women, but that does not mean that it is not open to anybody,” Fischer said. 

Both sessions of the Body Project will be in person, according to a post in the Daily Digest. The next session will be held one week from today’s on Nov. 8, also in the Women’s Center Multipurpose Room on the fourth floor of the Student Union.  

Along with this event, The Women’s Center hosts a variety of events for UConn students throughout the year. Fischer highlighted the next big event at the center happening this weekend. 

“The 50th anniversary celebration [is] this weekend. Melissa Harris-Perry is coming on Friday evening to Jorgenson,” Fischer said. “At 3:30 p.m., she will also be here at The Women’s Center for an open discussion and interactive conversation for any student who wants to come.” 

Students can use this link to register for the event or look on their website for more information. 

“The Body Project is something that has been ongoing throughout the year. There is a variety of things always going on and we encourage people to go on our website or follow us on Instagram to see what’s going on,” Fischer said. 

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