UConn appoints provost and executive vice president

Anne D’Alleva has been appointed as the new provost & executive vice president for academic affairs. This will go into effect on Dec. 1. Photo courtesy of provost.uconn.edu

The University of Connecticut has appointed a new provost & executive vice president for academic affairs. 

UConn President Dr. Radenka Maric sent an email to the university alerting them of the announcement early Tuesday afternoon.  

Anne D’Alleva has been appointed to the position, which will go into effect in just a few days on Dec. 1, the email said.  

D’Alleva has been served this role in an interim capacity since May, the email said.  

“My decision to make this appointment came after hearing from a number of key stakeholders as well as my own experience working directly with Anne over the past several months,” Maric said in the email. “What I heard consistently was a deep respect for Anne as a leader, that she brings a sense of stability, and has managed to move ‘seamlessly’ into the role of provost with ‘grace and skill.’” 

Maric mentioned in her email that the UConn Board of Trustees, various deans and senior members of the UConn administration were in support of the official appointment of D’Alleva. 

In the email, Maric expressed her appreciation for previous efforts D’Alleva has made on behalf of the UConn community, as well as the trust she has in D’Alleva to better the university. 

“Anne will intrinsically link our work at UConn and UConn Health with the broader world in which we operate and will align the University’s strategy with our mission of making a positive global impact and supporting faculty and student research interests,” Maric said. “She will be instrumental in delivering our brand promise of giving students an education that empowers them by developing their skills in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and emotional intelligence.” 

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