Blackout takes place in North Carolina and is suspected of being intentional 


On Saturday night, two power substations in North Carolina were damaged, leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity in North Carolina. The indication of power outages was reported after 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, and spread across Moore County, according to AP News

Due to the power outages a state of emergency was announced, enacting a curfew and school closures. Churches and several businesses that do not have their own generators had to close their doors on Sunday, according to CNN News.  

Residents are also suffering from the cold due to unheated houses, which have been down to 55 degrees.  

“This is not what I wanted to be doing today or last night or the night before,” Steve Wilkins, a resident of Carthage, said. “Stringing power cords. Eating cold ham,” according to CBS News

The damage was caused by gunfire to the two power substations and outages over the county. The motivation for the shootings is still unknown, according to AP News

Jeff Brooks, a spokesperson for Duke Energy, spoke on the causes of damage to the substations. 

“During our investigation of the outage, we did determine that there had been intentional impact on the substation, damaging multiple pieces of equipment in the substation and causing power to go out there,” according to FOX News

The FBI joined the investigation by focusing on intentional damage to power substations but refused to say deeply because the probe is underway, according to CBS News

Although the motivation is not clear, Ronnie Fields, sheriff of Moore County, addressed the rumors on Sunday. 

“No, none that I’m aware of. Is it possible? Yes, anything’s possible. But we have not been able to tie anything back to the drag show,”  according to NEW YORK POST

Moore County government calls for residents to help out their neighbors who were not given a helping hand by the government. 

Frank Quis, a Moore County Board of Commissioners Chairman, appealed for residents to check on their neighbors who are in need of help, according to DailyEnergyInsider

“We in the county government can reach out, but we don’t reach out to everyone. It’s incumbent to our citizens to step up and be our solution here,” Quis said. 

The repair has been ongoing since shortly after the breakout, but it seems restoring the facility to its original state will take significant time. 

“We are looking at a pretty sophisticated repair with some fairly large equipment and so we do want citizens of the town to be prepared that this will be a multiday restoration for most customers, extending potentially as long as Thursday,” Brooks said at a news conference, according to WCTV tv

After the incident, power companies and the government set out to review the security of the facility and are thinking of measures to prevent this from happening in the future, according to CNN News.  

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